Saturday, October 14

Time to close the book...

I'm sad to say that it's time to close the book on this blog.

I began it December 2006. For many years I've let you take a small peek into my life as well as sharing my designs with you.

As demands on my time have increased these past few years, I have only posted announcements about my new designs. Looking at my pattern sales and where sales come from, only three patterns have been purchased through my blog since the first of the year. Sigh, it doesn't make sense to spend time updating it anymore. This has led me to make the difficult decision to close it down in the next few months. I will not be posting any new information here.

You will still be able to find me on Ravelry. If you haven't joined Ravelry already, I strongly encourage you to do so. It is a wonderful (and free) resource for knitters and crocheters.

I sincerely hope you will visit Ravelry, friend me (SimpleKnits), and join my Simply Simple Knits group. My SSK group is where I post information about my new designs and invite members to help test my new knit and crochet designs.

Links to my Ravelry pattern store and my Simply Simple Knits group can be found below.

Click here to go to my Ravelry pattern store.

Join my Simply Simple Knits group on Ravelry by clicking here.

Keep those needles and hooks flying! I hope to see you on Ravelry. :-)


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