Wednesday, January 28

A Funky Wave Scarf

Always remember when you design something to write down how you do it! I thought I had kept good notes on how to knit this scarf. I really did. Turns out when I needed the pattern to knit a second scarf, my notes weren't that clear.

So, after re-engineering this pattern, I am offering it as a free pdf download through Ravelry. You can find the pattern for A Funky Wave Scarf by clicking on the underlined pattern name.

I originally knit this scarf as part of a hat and scarf set for a friend in January 2008. She loved it so much that she requested a second version in a different color. That's when I discovered that my pattern notes left a lot to be desired.

I had fun knitting this scarf. It's soft, flirty, and a little twirly. What's not to like?

This project is a good use for some of that novelty yarn that I know you have lurking somewhere in your stash. For the pink scarf I double stranded Hobby Lobby's Baby Bee Sweet Delight in Boo pink with Yarn Bee Featherwisp in Sassy. It took about 230 yards of each on size 11 needles.

Featherwisp is an interesting 2 ply yarn. One ply is a soft eyelash yarn and the other ply is a shiny flag/railroad type of yarn. Together they form a fun yarn with a little shine and a fuzzy halo. Paired with the sport weight pink yarn, it makes for a cuddly soft scarf.

I'll try to get someone to model the scarf so I can post a better picture. I don't think my cats would be very cooperative models. LOL!

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