Wednesday, February 25


I'm finally beginning to feel like a human being again. A friend of mine took her daughter to the doctor with the same bug I've had. His diagnosis: a viral sinus infection. I've never heard of that one before. The doctor gave my friend a prescription for an antibiotic and told her not to fill it until the weekend if she needs it. So now I have a name for what I've been suffering from. Though I knew this wasn't a cold nor the flu.

My niece, Amy, is having a baby in April. I've been busy knitting and crocheting baby gifts for her upcoming baby shower. Here's a baby bib pattern I came up with recently. Bib-alicious is a quick and easy garter stitch bib that's knit from side to side. It has a few short rows thrown in to keep it interesting and give it a bit of a flare. You can knit two bibs out of a ball of Sugar & Cream on size 8 needles. I love fast and cute projects like this!

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rabbitIng said...

love the bib-alicious!

sorry about your ill health, glad you're on the mend. I had something similar recently - usual thing from doc, virus, only time will heal, bla, bla, bla! Oh well, at least you're feeling better now, and your designing hasn't suffered, for sure!! ;)