Tuesday, October 9

Textured Scarf & Nubbly Triangle Scarf patterns

My husband went back to work today after being on vacation for a week and a half. I was hoping we'd get out of town for a few days but it didn't happen. I'm glad he's back to work. Now I can try to get caught up on things.

I did manage to finish one small spinning project. It was less than an ounce of Rambouillet dyed in greens and purples. Here's the 141 yard skein I got from the wool. Too little yardage to do much with. I'm considering combining some of my orphan skeins into one project to use them up.

I've been on a scarf kick. Two more scarves are finished. I've been going through my scrap box for inspiration.

I found a partial skein of Bernat Aspen (wool/acrylic blend). Cast on and knitted it up into a textured diagonal pattern that I made up as I went. It turned out quite nice.

Textured Turquoise Scarf
Size: 42" x 5.5"
2.2 oz worsted weight yarn (probably about 150 yards)
U.S. 10.5 needles (mine are old Bernat 7 mm size and not the usual 6.5 mm)

Pattern is now available as a free download through my Ravelry pattern store.

The second scarf came about from a partial skein of baby blue nubbly novelty yarn I picked up at the October Fiber Frolic on Saturday. I paired it with some blue baby yarn scraps. I cast on for a top down triangle scarf starting with the baby yarn and alternating with the nubbly yarn. The bumps gave a nice texture to the scarf. When the blue baby yarn ran out, I grabbed some white baby yarn. I liked the serendipitous way this scarf was developing. Of course, the white yarn ran out before I was done. I grabbed some white baby yarn with a shiny nylon ply, knit a garter stitch border and bound off. I thought I was done until I laid the scarf out flat. The edge curled up which it shouldn't have in garter stitch. What now? All the yarns I had used were synthetic and unblockable. (I didn't want to try to kill it with heat and melt the yarn.) So back to the leftover box I went. I found a small ball of another blue and worked a crocheted border to stabilize the edge. That took care of it!

Nubbly Triangle Scarf
Size: 38" x 20"
I used a total of 3 ounces of synthetic yarn--some baby (fingering weight) yarn and the other a nubbly novelty yarn.
U.S. 8 needles (5 mm)

Pattern is now available as a free download through my Ravelry pattern store.


Susanne said...

Hy Vicki,
thank you so much for your comment on my blog to my little whales. Your pattern is wonderful, so easy to follow and the outcome is amazing. What a wonderful idea you had inventing the pattern; again: thank you for sharing. It is much fun to knit the whales.
Happy greatings from Germany and best wishes to you

Karen said...

Hi Vicki,

I think the number of rows for the textured scarf has to be an odd multiple of 4 to work. Thus 20 works because it's 5x4. I cast on 36 after having some trouble with 40 (10x4).

The textured scarf pattern is really fun, and easy enough even for a beginner like me! Thanks!


Vicki said...

Extra stitches should be added in multiples of 8. I've clarified the pattern and shown where to add the extra stitches. Hope this helps. Thanks!

BobbyT .com said...

Where can I find the pattern for the Textured Turquoise Scarf? There is no download link on Ravelry. only for the Nubbly Triangle Scarf.

Vicki said...

It is now available on Ravelry. I am moving all my free patterns there from my blog.