Wednesday, February 24

Blossom Coasters

Blossom Coasters is the third pattern in my flower series. The Blossom Facecloth and Blossom Rug are the other two. I'm actually thinking about designing a Blossom baby blanket. :)

These cute flower coasters take less than an hour to knit. Knit them in cotton or make them in wool and felt them. It’s a perfect project for scrap yarn. The peachy and greens ones are made from Lily Sugar 'n Cream worsted weight cotton. The pink variegated one was knit in Galway Paint, a feltable wool. Your coasters will be smaller if you knit them in wool and felt them.

Each 5" coaster uses about 21 yards of worsted weight yarn on size 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles. You'll need a pair of straight needles for the petals and a set of double points to use as you decrease to the center of the flower. The petals are cast on and knit in a row, then you join in the round to knit the center.
When you purchase the Blossom Coaster pattern you will receive two patterns--the coaster pattern and the Blossom Facecloth pattern!
The pattern prints on both sides of a sheet of paper. Fold it in half to form a little booklet that you can tuck in your knitting bag.

The pattern includes the coaster, a rug, and a facecloth.

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