Sunday, March 16

Crochet a throw rug from scrap yarn

Here's a pattern for throw rugs I came up with several years ago. It's a good use for yarn that isn't in the best shape. I had bought a bunch of Ebay boxlots of scrap yarn for cat toys that turned out to be unraveled, dirty, and not so nice synthetic yarns. Not wanting to throw it away, I used a lot of it up crocheting these rugs. After a trip through the washer and dryer, they looked great! (I made some oblong rugs too. I have to write that pattern up yet.)

There are no carpet in my house. We have laminate floors and throw rugs. It's much easier to take care of with the cats and is much better for my allergies than carpet. I run the rugs through the washer and dryer when they get dirty. The cats think it's fun to "rug ski" on them. They get a running start, sink their claws into a rug, and s-l-i-d-e!


This a fast and easy rug to crochet using up odd balls of acrylic worsted weight yarn. It is crocheted with a big hook with two strands of yarn held together.

Use a strand of two different colors and change colors when one runs out. Don’t change both colors at the same time. Tie on a new ball and work over the ends to hide them.

A neutral and a darker (or brighter) color held together will give you a good contrast and a heathered effect. Use any colors you like or choose colors that go together. I sorted my yarn into neutrals (white, cream, beige, gray, and black) and what was left by individual colors.

Size N hook
worsted weight synthetic yarn
(11 ounces made a rug 26" across.)

The free pattern is available through my Ravelry pattern store.


Taleah said...

that looks great! I should learn to crochet.

Anonymous said...

Those rugs are really nice looking, and what a good way to use up scraps. Great idea!


Anonymous said...

this is awesome. i have so much crappy acrylic yarn and I'm tired of making hats and scarves to donate!

rugs would be much more useful in my own place.

thanks man,
Anchorage, AK

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be thick but can't see any specific instructions anywhere. Would like to make this rug :-)