Sunday, November 11

Round Coasters & Braided Scarf

My friend Chris stopped by yesterday to pick up some knitting needles I got for her at Sheep's Clothing. She also brought me 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden in trade for some of my handspun yarn. I'm very happy with the trade. :-) No plans for what I'll use it for. For now, it will go into my stash to age.

I still have bazaar on the brain. My plan is to fill a laundry basket with items (knit, crochet, sewn, etc.) before I quit. I don't know if I will reach that goal or not. Next year, I will make items all year for the bazaar so I have a stock ready to go.

Here are two more quick-and-easy patterns I came up with. I am equally at home with crochet or knitting. Sometimes crochet is faster and speed is what I need to get things knocked out.

The first pattern is a braided scarf knit from 3 colors of Caron Glimmer chenille yarn (or use any bulky weight yarn). Knit 3 garter stitch strips and braid them together, fastening them at the ends. If your strips aren't all exactly the same length, don't worry about it. You can ease the difference in as you braid. For variety, you could knit the strips all the same color or use only 2 colors. To make the scarf longer, use more yarn. I'm using up the yarn I have on hand.

The second pattern is a round crocheted coaster. It's a 3 rounds, fast-to-crochet coaster in any worsted weight cotton such as Sugar & Cream. One ball of yarn should make a lot of coasters. My starting instructions may be a bit unfamiliar to some. I don't start by making a circle. To save time and have a tighter center, I start by crocheting a chain the height of the first stitch. Then I work the first row in the first chain (the one farthest from your hook), and slip stitch to the top of the chain to join it into a circle. If your first stitch is too tight to accommodate all of the stitches you need, try making it a little looser the next time.

Please feel free to make as many of these items for gifts as you like or to donate finished items to a charity or charity fundraiser. Have fun!

Braided Scarf (makes 2)

3 balls Caron Glimmer
(49 yards each)
or a bulky weight yarn
US 10.5 (6.5 mm)
Yarn needle

Round Coasters

about 12 yards of cotton worsted weight yarn
Size H (5 mm) crochet hook
Yarn needle

Both patterns are now available as free downloads in my Ravelry pattern store.


Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

That scarf looks like fun! Gotta run, I'm going to go hunt up 25 yards of worsted in 3 colors now :-)

Dorothy said...

Hi, I just found your blog while looking for a picture of a knit pelt.
I'm requesting permission to use your knit whale cat toy, the cat rollies and the bunny egg cover. My daughter and I sell items at a craft sale. She makes and sells things to help raise money for a group that is trying to re-open our local animal shelter. Which is what we would like to use these three patterns for.
Thanks for your time. I've added your blog to my favorites - it looks like one I'm going to enjoy reading.

Vicki said...

Dorothy, I hope you read this as you didn't leave me an email addy to send a reply. You have my permission to use any of my patterns to make items for raising money for your local animal shelter. Let me know how it goes. Thanks for asking.

Dorothy said...

Vicki, Just thought that I didn't leave my email addy. DUH!
Thanks so much!
Going to print off the patterns, and pick one to take to the school library with me to work on today - it's my volunteer day.

WendyB80 said...

nsBoth the scarf and the coasters look like they would be fun and quick and easy!! I have some greenish Carefree Cotton in Kiwi that will make some nice coasters for my friend!! Thanks for the pattern!