Friday, September 18

Granny Mile-a-Minute Scarf to crochet

Granny Mile-a-Minute Scarf is a scarf version of an afghan pattern I’ve been working on. (Coming soon)

Someone found a picture online of a unique MAM afghan that had 2 rows of dc down the center instead of the usual shell stitches. They were searching for a pattern for it. After an extensive search online and through my afghan library, I wasn’t able to find any trace of this design.

To keep the pattern from being lost, I have recreated it as best I could. Since I can’t claim this as my original design, I’m offering it as a freebie.

You can make this 5 round scarf in an evening or less. I used a sport weight yarn with a size H (5 mm) crochet hook. About 224 yards of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.

Choose two colors of yarn or a yarn with a long color run like I used. You can make it with any weight of yarn you like and a crochet hook to suit the yarn weight. It’s easy to make longer or shorter too.

Hope you like this one.

This free pattern is available for download from my Ravelry pattern storm.

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