Sunday, September 28

The Freedom Hat pattern

I call this the freedom hat because the pattern frees you to customize it any way you like.

This is my standard “no brainer” hat that I knit in the round from the top-down. I start with 4 stitches on double points, work a little I-cord, and then move to a 16" circular needle when it’s big enough (or use 2 circs if you like). No seaming, no fuss. When you’re done just sew in the ends. It can be knit in any weight of yarn by changing the needle size to suit your yarn. I can knit one in a couple of hours.

I’ve listed finished sizes for kids, teens, and adults. The “long” measurement below refers to the length of the hat from the top of the head to the eyebrows. This hat should cover the ears. The measurements below are unstretched. Hats should be a little snug to fit well and stay on the head. They will stretch several inches larger than their finished size.


Working on getting this pattern up on Ravelry.


Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for this recipe for hats. My crew needs them for the winter, and this seems easy and quick enough. Now to go stash diving!

Patty said...

love the hat and love the yarn you used in the photo. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have so much homespun hanging around I plan on using some of it up on some Freedom hats for Christmas presents.

TutleyMutley said...

Love your list of patterns to use up small scraps handspun - thanks for putting in the effort.

Your freedom hat is very similar to Deb Gemmel's gaugeless hat #106, in concept.

Sioux said...

This Freedom Hat Pattern knitting from top to bottom is exactly what I would like to do. How do I keep the dp needles in the correct order? I have knit and ripped so many times, I am at my wits end! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Vicki said...

Here's a video on using dpns on YouTube. See if this helps. The first couple of rows are a bit fiddly but after that it gets easier.