Tuesday, June 24

Flying Geese Scarf pattern

There aren't a lot of scarf patterns out there that are suitable for guys or gals. Here's one I came up with after thumbing through some stitch dictionaries.

The stitch pattern is called knit 1 below and is totally reversible. It looks the same on both sides. If you hate to purl, you'll love this. You only purl one row in the entire scarf! Everything else is knit! (I came up with this scarf pattern months before the Knit 1 Below book debuted. Great minds must think alike! LOL!)

I worked my scarf in two colors, though feel free to knit it with just one. The stitches look to me like little flying birds, hence the name I've given it.

The sample scarf was knit with 2 ounces of leftover gray and green acrylic worsted weight yarn. It was a little short so I steam blocked it to stretch the scarf. (Be careful if you try this!) Doing this made the finished scarf 5" wide x 48" long.

The only tricky part of this pattern is learning how to do a K1B -- knit one in the stitch below. It's harder to write the instructions out than to do it. Here's a video that shows you how. Scroll down to k-b and click to view it.

Flying Geese Scarf

Size 10 (6.0 mm) needles
Aran or worsted weight yarn (2-3 oz or more)

The free pattern is now available in my Ravelry pattern store.


carol said...

I like the scarf, Vicki. Esp the reversible part and I think the pattern is probably enhanced by the 2 colors...another item for my queue!

Miss 376 said...

It's a lovely pattern, gives the scarf a lovely depth too

The Hunts said...

If you are doing 2 colors, it seems like a lot to cut at the end of each time. Do you recommend to cut and weave it in each time or just carry it up the side? Thanks!

Vicki said...

No! Don't cut the yarn every time you change colors. Carry the unused color up the side. I've added a note to the pattern.

linz said...

When I use two colors, I end up having to cut the yarn and tying on the new color. What do you mean by "carrying it up the side"? Is there another way that I'm not aware of?

Pretty pattern...I'm trying it next.

Vicki said...

It's a simple matter of dropping one yarn, picking up the other, twisting around the dropped one, and knitting across. When you get back to the dropped yarn, change colors again. Here's a video that shows how.


TheSkeletonFriend said...

I LOVE this pattern. So pretty and so easy!