Sunday, December 21

"Not a Granny Square" Blanket - a pattern

Winter didn't officially start until early this morning. Someone must have forgotten to tell the calendar. It has been bloody cold here with lots of snow, some sleet, and 1/4 inch of freezing rain in just the past week. Over night a front pushed through and dropped our temps into the below zero category. Wind chills are even colder. Brr!

As a result of the snow, sleet, and freezing rain, our roads are covered with thick, rutty, bumpy ice. Cars driving down our road make a lot of noise bouncing over that bumpy ice. It's too cold to melt even with the liberal application of salt. It will either have to wear away from the traffic or wait until the temps get above freezing to melt. It does make driving a challenge and stopping even more so. LOL!

With my Christmas knitting projects finished, I've been wondering what to work on next. I had an idea yesterday for a scrap blanket project. Could I make a partial granny square and crochet around it in an "L"? I tried it last night and here is the result. I wrote this up pretty quickly. If you find an error, let me know and I'll fix it. Thanks!

"Not a Granny Square" Blanket

Worsted weight yarn scraps
Crochet hook size H

Pattern is now available through Ravelry.

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Bibliocat said...

Lovely way to use up scraps. I make a log cabin style scrap afghan. I start with a sc square then use different colored scraps to make each side of the log cabin square. I keep going until I use up all my scraps or it is big enough to give away.

In NE OHIO it is about 13 degrees and windy. At least it is sunny.