Friday, March 12

Flying Diamonds Shawl to crochet!

Introducing the Flying Diamonds Shawl. This is a beautiful diamond lace patterned triangle shawl to crochet. From a distance it looks a lot like a knitted lace shawl. It is crocheted from the neck down like traditional knitted shawls.

You'll need about 650 yards of sock or fingering weight yarn and a size G hook for the shawl. Mine measured 62” wide x 31” long once I blocked it. I used almost 3 skeins of JL Yarns Vinca yarn for the pictured shawl. It's a wool and nylon blend with long color runs. The yarn also has a softer twist which gives the shawl great drape. I didn't have a model available so here it is draped over a lamp shade.

Flying Diamonds is fast and easy to crochet using double crochet and chain stitches. The border contains a few treble and half double crochet stitches. Here's a close up of the lace pattern and the edging.

As of August 10, 2010, the pattern contains a crochet chart for the body and the border.

The pattern costs $2.99 with a Paypal payment. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the pattern and receive a link to download the pdf file.

Have fun!


Bibliocat said...

It is so lovely! It is my next project after I finish the Lady February sweater... Thank you!

Sara said...

Bought and excited to try it out. Great pattern! Just love it. :D Thank you so much!

Patricia said...

I'm looking for a pattern that is a true triangle with a straight top edge. Pattern I just completed has sort of a diamond shape. Perhaps I'm making a mistake or do they all appear this way before being blocked?

Vicki said...

Knitted or crocheted lace usually looks misshaped or crumpled up as you work on it. Blocking is magic! It will open up the lace design and your shawl will look as it should.

Scraparella said...

Hi. I love your shawl. Did you wet or steam block the stitches?

Vicki said...

I always wet block my shawls.