Saturday, July 7

Crayons Shawl to crochet

 After knitting so many sideways shawls, I wondered if I could come up with something similar in crochet. It worked!

Crayons Shawl is an asymmetrical shawl constructed from side-to-side. The points make it look like crayons laid side by side. The body of the shawl features an easy two row repeat that adds the pointed edging as you work the rows. You can make it as big as you like by working more repeats. The final row adds the edging across the end of the shawl.

I used one skein of Noro Kureyon sock yarn for this project (462 yards). The design really shows off the long color runs in this yarn. Did you know that Kureyon means crayon in Japanese. I found that appropriate when I was looking for a name for this shawl.

My blocked shawl measured 54" along the neckline x 58" along the bottom edge x 29" long on the final row of points.

I've also included directions in the pattern to make a symmetrical version. Work until you have used 50% of your yarn and then follow the decrease instructions to taper it back to the other end.

The 3 page pattern includes both written instructions and a crochet chart.

The pattern is yours for a $4.00 through my Ravelry pattern store.

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