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A Portuguese Baby Sweater

3/3/09 I've added a few clarifications and corrections to the pattern. Don't try writing up a pattern when you have a virus muddled head. :-(

I saw this baby sweater on Ravelry recently and fell in love with it. There was a problem—it was only available in Portuguese. With the help of online translation sites and a close look at how it was constructed, I was able to figure it out. Regina TTricotar, whose blog the original appears on, has given me permission to post a translation here on my blog.

This baby sweater is worked side-to-side in garter stitch. The picture below shows what the sweater looks like before seaming and adding the sleeves. Knit the sleeves separately as the original pattern directs or knit them in with the directions I give. Seam the shoulders, add a couple of buttons, and you’re good to go!

Baby Jacket by Aldina
Translated to English (with a few additions)
by Vicki Mikulak, February 13, 2009.

Finished size: 6-12 months
(chest 17", sleeve 6.5", body 7.5" long)
[The original pattern was for a 3 months size. Use smaller needles and a fingering or baby weight yarn if you want a smaller size.]

U.S. Size 5 (3.75 mm) knitting needles
Sport weight yarn (2.5 oz/230 yards)
I used Sweet Delight Baby - Baby Bee in Crayon Ombre from Hobby Lobby.
A crochet hook
2 small buttons

Gauge: 5.5 sts/5.5 ridges (11 rows) = 1 inch

Use a crochet cast on for matching cast on and cast off edges. This also makes it easy to pick up stitches around the armhole if you want to knit the sleeve into the armhole. (Or use the cast on of your choice.)

With a crochet hook, crochet the stitches over the needle and place the final loop on your knitting needle. Watch how to do it by clicking HERE.

Right Front:
Cast on 8 stitches. Mark the right side (RS) of your work.
Rows 1-4: Knit even for 2 ridges (4 rows).

In this section, Ridge 3 & 18 are buttonhole rows. You will increase on those rows plus work a buttonhole. On the other rows you will only increase one stitch at the beginning of the row until you have a total of 42 sts on your needle.

Next row/Ridge 3: Kf&b, knit 2, k2tog, yo, k3. (9 sts)
Increase 1 stitch (kf&b) in the first stitch of every row until you have 42 sts.

Row 36/Ridge 18: Kf&b, knit 18, k2tog, yo, k19. (40 sts)

Rows 37-38: Continue to increase 1 st at the beginning of these rows. You should have 42 sts/19 ridges.

Right Shoulder:
Knit 12 ridges even. (24 rows).

Right Armhole (RS):
Bind off 18 sts, knit to end of row (24 sts).
Knit across row.
K2tog, knit to end of row.
Knit across row.
K2tog, knit to end of row.
Knit across row.
Kf&b of first st, knit to end of row.
Knit across row.
Kf&b of first st, knit to end.
Knit across row and cast on 18 sts at the end. (42 sts)

Knit 36 ridges (72 rows).

Right Armhole:
Repeat armhole instructions above then go to left shoulder instructions.

Left Shoulder:
Knit 12 ridges (24 rows).

Left Front:
In this section, K2tog at the beginning of each row as you knit the row.
Continue decreasing each row until you have 8 sts left.

Knit 2 ridges/4 rows.
Cast off all sts. Body of sweater complete.


Option 1: Cast on 40 sts. Knit 35 ridges (70 rows). Cast off all sts. Sew shoulder seam and sleeve seam. Sew sleeve into armhole. Weave in all ends.

Option 2: Pick up 40 sts around the armhole. Knit 35 ridges in garter. Cast off. Cut yarn leaving a 12" yarn tail. Fold sleeve and jacket front matching edges. Thread the yarn tail through the needle. Sew the garter stitches at the edges together by picking up a bump on the right side and then on the left side of the seam. This makes a fairly invisible seam. Weave in all ends.

Option 3: Sew shoulder seam. Pick up 40 sts around the armhole on dpns or 2 circulars. Knit in garter stitch for 35 ridges/70 rows (knit one row and purl one row). Cast off. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

Sew two buttons onto the front matching them to the buttonhole locations.

kf&b - knit in front and back of stitch (increase)
k2tog - knit 2 stitches together (decrease)

Original pattern found on this blog in Portuguese:


Little Ol' Liz said...

Thank you for doing the legwork on this pattern.

The neighbor is preggers with Triplets (!) I have have just enough time to knit for Baby A, B & C.

Regina said...

You finished! Your sweater is beautiful.
Now you can read everything written in Portuguese!

Bibliocat said...

Thank you, Vicki! It is sooo cute. I don't have any babies in my life right now but I do have a cold teddy bear.

Islagringo said...

I think this pattern came along at the right time. I have knitted 17 of your hat pattern for my charity since Jan 1. Add in the 25 I knit before that and I am getting a bit tired of knitting the same thing. I think I might try knitting up a couple of these to toss into the care package! Thanks Vicki. You saved me again!

Yvette said...

Thank you so much for posting the translation - this looks so cute!

rabbitIng said...

This is just lovely, thank you so much for working it out!

knitting dragonfly said...

Thanks for all of that work, It is a beautiful pattern!!

Janey said...

Please can you tell me what gauge you got when knitting this? I've looked at the Portuguese blog and couldn't see anything that looked like it. (Of oucrse, being a non-Portuguese reader, nothing looked like it anything!)

Thank you ever so much,