Monday, July 16

Knitted Hexagons Blankie

This is a perfect project for scrap yarn. Knit individual hexagons or knit strips. Change colors after each one, knit them all the same, or do a planned layout like a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt. Have fun with it! (I’ve include a blank grid you can print out if you’d like to plan and color your chart to use as a guide.)

Worsted weight yarn
(full hexagon - 17 yards; half hexagon - 9 yards; fish - 19 yards
Size 7-10 needles (I used a U.S. 10.)

Pattern is now available through Ravelry.


Unknown said...

Oh no!! I love this idea, maybe even better than the fish. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea for using up bits of yarn! Thank you for sharing.

Alpaca Granny said...

Oh, I really like this. I've got lots of little balls of natural colored alpaca around. Wouldn't that be pretty?

CrazyJackdaw said...

Hi Vicki thanks for this - live this idea - but wanted to know whether the same principle would work with larger hexagons i.e. 20 stitches, increase until you have 40 stitches, or would the shaping be all wrong - I only ask as I am concerned about the 60 degree angle that hexagons have and also that each side and top and bottom should measure the same, i.e. 2 inches or whatever size you choose. Perhaps you can help - CrazyJackdaw

Vicki said...

Yes, it would work. Whatever even number of stitches you start with, you will have to increase to double that amount and then decrease back down to the starting number of stitches. Use the shaping method for the increases and decreases given the pattern. Garter stitch (knit every row) yields a square.

mom6 said...

great patter - thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi,Could you help me please?

When you say increase (rows 3 to 5) to 20 sts..this will be on a row 3, shall I with rows 4 and 5, or go straight to row 6?

And the same question for decrease.. dec on a 6th row, do I do rows 7and 8, or just continue.

Thank you for your pattern and your help.


Ps If you cant answer me here for what ever reason (which has happened on another site,ect), you can send a email to

Anonymous said...

Thank you..just received and answered email.