Friday, September 18

A Slice of Heaven to knit

A Slice of Heaven is an asymmetrical triangle shawl that is knit in two colors. Sections of garter stitch alternate with a sampler of 16 stitch patterns that are knit in a contrasting color.

Sorry about the photos. My shawl is so big that I couldn’t get a full photo of it that would do justice to the detail.

You’ll need two skeins of sock yarn in a main color and a contrast color (at least 400 yards of MC and 200 yards of CC). I discovered that I had used a nonstandard size 6 knitting needle (4.25 mm) after I was done knitting. You can use a size 6 needle for a slightly smaller shawl or use a size 7 needle for a similar size shawl though you may need a little more yarn.

The unused color is carried along the neckline in a new technique that also increases the stitch count. So there are only 4 ends to weave in when you are done with the shawl.

The pictured shawl measured 64” neckline x 15” deep. After blocking it grew to 75” neckline x 18” deep.

The 7 page pattern has written instructions only and a close up photo of each stitch pattern used in the shawl. Pattern price is $6.00 and is available through my Ravelry pattern storm.

I’m in love with mine! I hope you decide to knit your own slice of heaven. :-)

Granny Mile-a-Minute Scarf to crochet

Granny Mile-a-Minute Scarf is a scarf version of an afghan pattern I’ve been working on. (Coming soon)

Someone found a picture online of a unique MAM afghan that had 2 rows of dc down the center instead of the usual shell stitches. They were searching for a pattern for it. After an extensive search online and through my afghan library, I wasn’t able to find any trace of this design.

To keep the pattern from being lost, I have recreated it as best I could. Since I can’t claim this as my original design, I’m offering it as a freebie.

You can make this 5 round scarf in an evening or less. I used a sport weight yarn with a size H (5 mm) crochet hook. About 224 yards of Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.

Choose two colors of yarn or a yarn with a long color run like I used. You can make it with any weight of yarn you like and a crochet hook to suit the yarn weight. It’s easy to make longer or shorter too.

Hope you like this one.

This free pattern is available for download from my Ravelry pattern storm.

Monday, August 31

Coriolis Effect Scarf to crochet

I recently bought a single skein of Manos de Uruguay Silk Blend in the wildflower colorway at a local yarn shop. This stuff is gorgeous! Decided to turn it into a luscious little scarf that hugs your neck. 

My Coriolis Effect Scarf* is fast to hook. The scarf wraps around your neck and buttons to keep out the chills. Here is a picture showing how it looks on and the second picture laid out flat. My husband and some friends chose the name for this design.

This scarf is worked sideways with every other row worked in the back loop for a little texture. Little loops are added along the bottom edge as you work. Finish it with buttonholes and buttons or sew the ends together for a cowl.

You’ll need 150 yards of a DK or light worsted weight yarn, a size H (5 mm) crochet hook, and 3 buttons 3/4” or to fit your buttonholes. It’s easy to make longer or wider.

The two page pattern has only written instructions and sells for $3.00. You can purchase a copy of this pattern through my Ravelry pattern store or use the direct link below.

Link to Coriolis Effect Scarf pattern page.

*The Coriolis Effect was named after the French mathematician, Gustav Coriolis. It explains in part why winds and ocean currents don't move in a straight line. This effect causes the winds to bend to the right in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere.

Easy Nine Patch dishcloth to knit - free pattern

Here's a little something I created to add to a wedding shower gift.

Easy Nine Patch is an easy-to-knit dishcloth made with simple knit and purl stitches. Cast on with size 7 (4.5 mm) needles with about 30 yards of worsted weight cotton such as Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. They don't take very long to make.

The finished size of these is 6” wide x 6.25” long. If you are a tight knitter you might want to use a size 8 needle. I don’t care for huge dishcloths. I like ones that are about the size of my hands. These would be good to knit ahead for gifts. You can get several out of a single ball of cotton so they are very inexpensive to make.

The one page pattern is a free download on Ravelry. Click on the link below to grab a copy of this pattern.

Link to Easy Nine Patch pattern on Ravelry.

Wednesday, August 12

Badiane Scarf to Crochet

Badiane is a cute scarf to work up in a sock/fingering weight yarn (or even a lace weight). It would look killer made in a mohair yarn. The motif looks like a star anise. My friend Jamie suggested I use the French word for star anise, which is badiane, as the name of this design. The lace motif is very open but don't worry, if you wrap this scarf twice around your neck it will definitely keep you warm.

The standard turning chains normally used in crochet have been elongated to form a loop edging along the sides of the scarf.

I made my sample with Knit Picks Gloss Fingering weight yarn that was dyed by Jamie in a seaglass colorway. Fitting that she also named the scarf. LOL!

You need about 300 yards of fingering weight yarn and a size G (4 mm) crochet hook for this project. My scarf measured 64.5" long x 5" wide and blocked to 86" long x 5/75" wide. How much it grows depends on if you used a blockable fiber and how severely you block.

Make the scarf as long or short as you like. Seam the ends together if you would rather have a cowl type scarf.

The 3 page pattern has written instructions and a crochet chart. The pattern is available as a pdf download through my Ravelry pattern store for $3.00.

I'm donating all proceeds from this pattern to the Mercy Corp.

Thursday, July 23

Zipper Shawl to Crochet

My Zipper Shawl is a triangle shawl that is fast to hook with sport weight yarn and a size H (5 mm) crochet hook. I used 2 balls of Premier Serenity Garden (370 yds) to make this shawl plus 60 yards of cotton for the border. (430 yards of sport weight yarn)

Constructed sideways from tip to center in two pieces and seamed with an almost invisible zipper seam down the middle. Then add a border around the shawl.

Finished size: 62" wide x 19" long and 70" wide x 23" long (after blocking)

Block or not, it’s up to you.

You can make this with any weight of yarn by changing the hook size to suit the yarn. Easy to make larger or smaller. Start shawl with both ends of your yarn and work until both pieces are the same size. Seam them together and add the border in the same yarn or a coordinating or contrasting color.

The 4 page pattern includes written instructions and two crochet charts for $3.00.

Ridgeline Spiral Blanket to crochet

Ridgeline Spiral Blanket is my newest crochet design. This blanket was made with only 2 skeins of Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn with a size J (6 mm) crochet hook.  (788 yards of sport weight yarn)
The blanket is worked in a continuous spiral with no joined rounds. Working in the BLO produces a ridge that spirals around the blanket. Work in one color, multiple bands of color, or a yarn with a long color run like I used.

Although this is sized at 33” across as a baby blanket, it can be made any size you wish with any weight of yarn. You will need to choose a hook larger than usually recommended for the yarn.

The same size baby blanket made in worsted weight yarn uses only 600 yards of yarn with a size K (6.5 mm) hook.

The 4 page pattern includes written instructions, two photo tutorials and a crochet chart. The pattern sells for $3.00. You can purchase it through my pattern store on Ravelry.