Monday, May 16

Does anyone read blogs anymore?

I'm wondering how many people still read blogs? I seldom have the time anymore.

With the advent of Ravelry on the scene and all the new electronic ways to stay in touch, I'm wondering if the time has come to close down my blog.

One of the reasons I have held onto my blog is for non-Ravelry members to have access to my designs. That is no longer true. Recently, Casey has made designers store pages visible to non-members and allow anyone to purchase pattern downloads. Here's a direct link to my Simple Knits pattern store on Ravelry:

Simple Knits Store click here

I maintain a Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry where I post notices about my new designs at the time I add them to the Ravelry pattern database for sale or download. Finding time to post about them on my blog is getting harder to do. I have a couple of new designs that I have not been added to my blog.

When I began my blog in December 2006, Ravelry did not exist. As of today it has 1,367,433 registered members. That's incredible! It's also a testament to what Casey & Co. have created free of charge for all knitters and crocheters (spinners, quilters, etc.). The pattern and yarn databases alone are wonderful! If you're making a certain design you can see what others finished projects look like, she how it works up in different yarns, or what modifications or problems people have had with the pattern. I love to browse my designs to see what people have made from them. Or ask permission to use a photo of their finished objects on the pattern page for that design.

There are forums for almost anything you might be interested in. I know that some people had issues with not nice people on Ravelry forums. Sadly, this happens in Yahoo groups or even in groups that meet in real life. Ravelry does have strict community guidelines and they do ban people who cause trouble. Spammers are kept out of the site. They rely on members to report when there are problems that need to be addressed.

For Simple Knits fans, the benefits of joining this online community are:

1) If you have a question or problem with a pattern, you can easily get in touch with me through a PM or by posting in my SSK group.

2) If a revised copy of the pattern becomes available, you will receive it.

3) If you friend me, you'll see what I'm currently working on that might become future designs.

4) You could help test new designs for me or other designers on the Free Pattern Test group on Ravelry.

So comments please, on how valuable my blog is to you and if you think I should shut it down.