Friday, March 21

Healing hearts for a friend

After discovering that a friend in my fiber arts group has cancer, I asked if anyone would like to knit a strip for a healing blanket for her. The outpouring of support was amazing! As I had hoped, the strips are all different and reflect the personalities of our diverse group. The resulting blanket is quite large. I took this picture of it draped over the top of my queen size bed. Does that give you an idea of how big it is? LOL!

Nancy really likes it! There is love and caring knit into each and every stitch. We hope she feels that when she uses it and that it speeds her healing. It truly will warm both her body and her spirit.

Some members of our group helped sew it together and I did the final finishing. I also created a special heart border to crochet around the outside edge of the blanket. All told, it took about a month and a half from start to the finished blanket. In case you're interested in doing something similar, here are the directions I passed out:

Nancy’s Crazy Quilt

Like a crazy quilt, the blanket for Nancy should be a lively collection of colors and textures. Here are a few directions to get you started.

Use worsted weight yarns that are machine wash and dryable in whatever color(s) you choose (such as, but not limited to, Red Heart, Patons Decor or Canadiana, Bernat super value, Vanna’s Choice, Caron Wintuk, Lion Brand Cotton Ease).

U.S. size 7-9 knitting needles [you might want to specify gauge here].

It doesn’t matter how wide or narrow your strip is but it should be 70 inches long. If you need a guideline, I’d say no narrower than 15 stitches and no wider than 35-40 stitches. [Narrower strips are better if you have a lot of participants. No matter how carefully we measure, some strips may be longer or shorter than specified. You can line the strips up along one side with a ragged border on the other side or add a little to the short strips or rip a little out of too long strips to get them to match up.]

Cast on and knit at least 2 rows of garter stitch (knit all stitches) before starting the stitch pattern of your choice or do it all in garter stitch.

Keep 2 or 3 stitches on each edge in garter stitch for ease in sewing the strips together later. (Do not slip the first stitch along the edge as some patterns have you do.)

What color or colors you use in your strip(s) is totally up to you. Check out your odd balls, leftovers, and scrap yarn for inspiration.

You could:

use one or more colors
tie scraps of many colors together and even leave the knotted tails hanging out
change colors ever so many rows to form blocks of different colors
knit stripes with two or more colors
knit the whole strip in garter stitch
insert any pattern stitch you like (such as moss stitch, cables, etc.) but keep 2 or 3 stitches on each edge of the strip in garter stitch.
insert a heart motif (see heart blocks sheet - click to enlarge and print)
duplicate stitch or cross stitch a message on your strip
add a bit of texture with a thin strand of eyelash, fuzzy, or novelty yarn carried along with your main yarn (remember, machine wash and dryable yarns only)

Have fun!

Vicki will collect the completed strips and assemble the blanket. Deadline: As soon as possible, please. :-)

Crocheted Hearts Border

Attach yarn to edge and chain 1. Work a sc in each stitch or evenly around edge, join to beginning.

Row 1:
Ch 3, *skip 6 sts, work 5 dc in next st (cluster), ch 2*, repeating from * to * around, join to beginning ch 3.

Row 2:
Ch 3, *slip st in first dc of cluster, (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in 2nd dc, slip st in 3rd dc, (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc) in 4th dc, slip st in 5th/last dc*, repeat from * to * in each 5 dc cluster, join to beginning ch 3.

Pull through last st, cut yarn, and fasten off.

© March 5, 2008 by Vicki Mikulak

Sunday, March 16

Crochet a throw rug from scrap yarn

Here's a pattern for throw rugs I came up with several years ago. It's a good use for yarn that isn't in the best shape. I had bought a bunch of Ebay boxlots of scrap yarn for cat toys that turned out to be unraveled, dirty, and not so nice synthetic yarns. Not wanting to throw it away, I used a lot of it up crocheting these rugs. After a trip through the washer and dryer, they looked great! (I made some oblong rugs too. I have to write that pattern up yet.)

There are no carpet in my house. We have laminate floors and throw rugs. It's much easier to take care of with the cats and is much better for my allergies than carpet. I run the rugs through the washer and dryer when they get dirty. The cats think it's fun to "rug ski" on them. They get a running start, sink their claws into a rug, and s-l-i-d-e!


This a fast and easy rug to crochet using up odd balls of acrylic worsted weight yarn. It is crocheted with a big hook with two strands of yarn held together.

Use a strand of two different colors and change colors when one runs out. Don’t change both colors at the same time. Tie on a new ball and work over the ends to hide them.

A neutral and a darker (or brighter) color held together will give you a good contrast and a heathered effect. Use any colors you like or choose colors that go together. I sorted my yarn into neutrals (white, cream, beige, gray, and black) and what was left by individual colors.

Size N hook
worsted weight synthetic yarn
(11 ounces made a rug 26" across.)

The free pattern is available through my Ravelry pattern store.

Saturday, March 15

Boo, Pooka & Solitaire

Someone posted a comment asking how I tell my two black kitties apart. Boo and Pooka are actually quite different--both in looks and temperament. Pooka is stocky (chubby) with big feet and medium length fur. He waddles when he walks. The vet is not going to be happy with his weight the next time he goes in. Boo is more pear shaped with small, fine boned feet and short fur. Their faces even look different. I managed to snap a shot of the two together though I couldn't get them both to look at me at the same time. Pooka is on the left and Boo on the right.

Pookie is a very vocal and needful kitty. He was being spoiled by a preteen girl before she had to give him up for adoption. He looks to me (as a female) to give him the same amount of attention he got before. Doesn't happen. He would be happy to sit in my lap every time I sit down. There have almost been cat brawls between him and Boo over who gets to sit on my lap. They're not interested in my husband's lap.

Pookie follows me around constantly, gets underfoot, complains first thing in the morning if HIS crunchy bowl is getting empty (there are 3 bowls), pesters me every time I answer the phone, likes to bite strings and cords in two, has pulled the power strip off the computer desk several times, and generally gets himself into trouble. He loves red toys. He'll play with others but he's always trying to steal any red balls of yarn I have. He keeps trying to make friends with Solitaire. Every time she rebuffs him he goes off meowing like he's lost his last friend in the whole world. He's very melodramatic!

Boo is much more self reliant. When he wants in my lap he comes and looks at me with blinky eyes until I tell him it's ok to jump up. When he was small he was an ankle biter. In the summer he stills likes to nip. Boo gets SADDs in the winter. He likes to come for light therapy under my Ott light. Pookie helps keep him occupied too. He's taught Pookie all his bad habits. They run through the house sounding like a herd of elephants, hiss, yowl, and roll each other. Boo kicks Pooka in the stomach and Pooka bites Boo's feet. Boo has recently grown a white whisker. If you look closely at the picture of him in the chair, you can see it on the bottom right side of his mouth. He wasn't thrilled when I snapped this picture.

At night, Pookie sleeps at my husband's or my feet. Sometimes I wake up and can't move because he's laying on my feet. Boo sleeps between our heads. When I first go to bed, he usually wants to go under the covers and snuggle next to me while he purrs and kneads my stomach. If he wants to get my attention in the morning he whiskers me in the face or gently pats me in the face. When that doesn't work he's been known to grab my hair in his teeth and pull. Ouch!

Solitaire is the smallest. She's a very petite little girl. Size-wise she is smaller than most adult cats. I am always amazed at how small her feet are. Her nickname is "Little Toes". She's very well proportioned and definitely has some Siamese in her. She has a very flat and rusty sounding meow. She's afraid of everything and panics at the slightest thing. When one of the boys faces her down, she closes her eyes, hisses, and waves her paw blindly at them. LOL! Just like kids, the boys pick on her because they know they can get a rise out of her. She in turns tries to get them in trouble when they haven't done anything.

Here she is sleeping in her winter quarters on our couch. It's a cat hut that zips together with velcro. If you put a hand inside, it's toasty warm from her body heat. Just the way she likes it.

White Kitty, who died last fall, was always cold too. His favorite spot in the winter was leaning against the base of our wood pellet stove and gazing into the flames. I always worried he would singe his fur but he never did. The heat must have made his arthritic bones feel better. White Kitty had a big wicker basket to sleep in near the pellet stove. As he got older he couldn't jump up on the furniture anymore. I filled the basket full of squishy knitted pieces and polar fleece for him to snuggle in.

Wednesday, March 12

Red socks and spinning again

I am still not 100% over this flu bug. Just when you think you have it licked, it slaps you down again. I'm hearing reports it takes 4-5 weeks to get rid of all the symptoms. As I'm in the 3rd week of this, it does not make me happy. :-(

I finally finished the red toe up socks I was knitting with the leftover yarn from the Syrian Shawl. I bound off the second sock last night. I would have finished both of them the night before if I'd been thinking clearly.

The cuffs aren't very long, but they'll do. If you look closely at the picture, you'll see that my cuff edges are ruffly. They have to be so I can get the leg of the sock over my foot and still have it my leg. I do not have thin calves/legs. This has always been a major problem in buying any kind of boots for me. If the foot fits, I can't zip them up over my leg.

It has been awhile since I had made a pair of socks for me and I neglected to read my cast off directions. That was not a smart move! After casting off 4 times using different methods--this way too loose, this one won't go on over my foot, saying not nice words as I frogged back because this yarn splits a lot--I finally got it right. I only needed to go up one needle size. I decided I had better write this down so I don't have trouble with the cast off on my next pair of socks. And what do I see in my notes, "Go up one needle size to cast off." Duh! I could have saved myself a lot of grief and several hours casting off, frogging, putting stitches back on the needles, and cursing the splitting yarn, if I had taken a minute to read my cast off directions. It's times like these that humble you. I guess I'll have to knit more socks.

Spinning has been luring me again. I pulled out the wheel the other night and spun up a small length of rose wool top from a grab bag I recently bought from the Dyepot. It spun up fast and fine. 1.1 ounce/140 yards. Nice!

Also in the grab bag was a huge shapeless blob of fiber in browns and rose tones with a touch of green. It's wool top with a hint of mohair. I really like the colors but wondered if it would be worth messing with it. I got my answer last night. I couldn't sleep so I pulled out the wheel, ripped off a strip from the blob, drafted it out, and started spinning. Here's what it looks like. It's definitely worth saving.

Tuesday, March 11

Wednesday, March 5

Pookie is silly!

Shssh! Pookie's having a good snooze near our pellet stove. Don't you think he looks comfortable? He's my chubby little butterball kitty.

All three of my cats love our wood pellet stove in our family room. It's the warmest room in the house in the winter. You can usually find 1 or 2 of them sleeping out there.

Normally, they move as soon as I go get the camera. Pookie was so sound asleep that he didn't even stir even when the flash went off.

Monday, March 3

653 patterns to knit with 1-285 yards of yarn!

As promised, here are all 653 pattern links. Some of the yardages are guesstimates. I've placed question marks after those. If someone knits these, post a comment letting me know how much yarn you used and I'll change it. Yarn weights are given as a 2 or 3 letter code. There's a chart at the end showing what they mean. Some patterns can be knit in any weight of yarn if you change the needle size to match the yarn. Click on the pattern name to go to the pattern. Newly added patterns are listed in red. I have replaced a few patterns that are no longer available.

There's more! Check out the 113 new listings on my Simply SimpleKnits group on Ravelry. Click HERE for the list. (You have to be a member of Ravelry to access this.)

Feel free to post more pattern links in the comments section of this post. There are hundreds more out there.

A note: Please be courteous to the bloggers whose patterns are on this list. They put a lot of work into their blogs and patterns. Don't just visit a blog to cherry pick the patterns. Post a comment and take a look around, you might find something unexpected. Thanks!

1-3 fw Valentine heart ring
3? fw Knitted icicles
3? ww I-cord wreath
5? fw Flag pin
5? ww Flowers in bloom
5? dk I-cord teddy bear
5 fw Gruesome knitted eyeballs
5 ww Sock shaped knitting
5? ww Strawberry sachets
5-6 ww Bracelet
5-6 fw Fingerless mitts bookmark
7? fw/sw Knit yo-yo
7 fw Mini Christmas stockings

10? ww Tubby finger puppets
10 ww Poppets - finger puppets
10? fw Tiny Christmas sock
10? fw Tiny Christmas mitten
10 ww Simple lace headband
10 dk Cabled napkin rings
10? fw Snails and slugs toys
10-20 dk Teacup handle sweater
10-30? sw Romanian Christmas tree ornaments
11 dk Mochimochi's Hearts
11 ww One car ride coaster set
11 bw Heartfelt hearts
12? dk Shifter sock
12 ww Whale cat toy
12 ww Silken braid catnip mouse
12 ww Falling leaves afghan (yards per motif)
13 ww Basketweave coasters
15? ww Flower pin
15 ww Felted mice
15? dk Tiny hats
15 aw Strap scarf (yards needed per ring)
15 aw Dear friends finger puppets
15 ww Bunny egg cover
15? fw Knitted Easter egg decoration
15? fw Knitted holly decoration
15 bw Kids crown
15? ww Easter egg chick cosies
15? fw Laurel leaf
15 fw Wee tiny sock swap sock
15-30 ww Felted mousie
16 dk Iced java jacket
17 ww Knitted hexagons blankie
18 ww Feline dim sum cat toys

20 ww Hexagon fish blankie (per fish)
20 ww Fun fur hanger cover
20 ww Felted mushrooms
20? ww Knit strawberry
20? ww Garden vegetables
20? ww Roman stitch mug rug
20 ww Key cozy
20? fw Rabbit finger puppets
20 ww Eyelet edged coaster
20? ww Roll edge one egg Easter basket
20 ww Barnyard finger puppets
20? ww Wendy’s catnip mouse pattern
20 ww Tessellating Fish Afghan
20? ww Jazzy coffee cup cozy
20? fw Mini holiday mitten ornament
20 ww It’s so Mod Coaster
20? dk Nosewarmer
20? ww Hair curlers
20 fw Skully keychain
20? ww (Asthma) Inhaler sock
20 aw Beaded napkin rings
20? sw/ww Fur & sparkles cuffs
20 dk Mini Christmas stockings
20 dk Bee toy
20-25 fw Backbone bookmark
20-25 fw Lace waves bookmark
20-27 dk Rose and leaf pin
20-30 sbw Juggling pigs
20-30 fw iPod Touch sockum
20-50 aw Beanie weasels toy
23 aw Hanger covers
25 ww ipod cozy
25 ww Paper nautilus shell
25? sw Easter chick
25? ww Judy’s chick toy
25 ww Stuffed wool bunny
25? dk Easter egg covers
25? ww Hand sanitizer cozy
25? dk Mini Christmas stockings
25? fw Mini holiday sock ornament
25? fw Mini sock bookmark
25 fw Cupids arrow bookmark
25? any Lavender hearts sachet
25? ww Kitty ears headband
25? ww Felted fish cat toy
25? fw Lace bookmark
25 ww Doddy ball (per motif)
25-50 ww Secret agent cat collar
27-52 fw Perdita bracelet/wristlets
27 ww Knitted origami crane

30? ww Mitered coasters
30? ww Plethora of petals
30 ww Cell phone cozy
30? ww Flower pin
30? ww Curly purly egg cover
30? ww Cadbury bunny toy
30? ww Hackey sacks
30? dk Christmas mini stocking
30? sw Diamond book tag
30? ww Soap sweater
30 dk Gummy jelly baby toy
30? bw Dust bunny
30? aw Knecklace
30 fw Peaked bracelet
30? ww Korknisser cork toy
30? dk Christmas pudding patch - pin
30? ww Tiny white elephant toy
30? dk Puppers - finger puppets
30? ww Baby fruit and veggie rattles
30? ww Felted fortune cookies
30? bw Knitted necklace
30 fw/sw Heart Pendant
30? fw Friday night bookmark
30? fw Pine tree sachets
30? sw Soap sack sachet sashay
30? lw Osterei lace egg cover
30? ww Coffee cup sleeve
30? dk Bunny egg cozy
30 dk Barbie sweater
30? dk Psychedelic Squares Afghan (per square)
30-50 ww Basketweave headband
30-50 dk Adjustable coffee mug wrap
30-50 fw Hunca Munca baby socks
30-60? fw American girl doll socks
32 ww Preemie-donna baby hat
32 ww Band cuffs
32 dk Tiny angel doll
33 aw Kureyon coffee cozy
33-38 ww Not rocket scence coffee holder
34-46 lw Mary Ella bracelet
35? any Knitted bunny from square
35 ww Tribble dish sponge
35 any No seams angel

40? ww Scallop choker necklace
40? ww Cupcake
40? ww Knitted pouch
40 ww Catnip donut
40? fw/sw Ear Mitts
40? bw Double points case
40 ww Cell phone cover
40 fw Mug huggers
40? ww Pumpkins
40? dk Fruit pouch
40? ww Bluebird toy
40-60 fw Stretchy rainbow baby socks
40-60 ww Grandma’s favorite baby bib
40-90 bw Oven mitt & potholder
40-100 ww Summerlin toddler top
45 ww Toasty pocket creatures
45? bw Lapel flower pin
45 fw Flourish bookmark
45 dk Clustered lace headband
45-70 ww Basket rib bath mitt
47 ww Cabled coffee cup sweater (cozy)
49 bw Bonbon bath puff

50 fw Chevron eyeshade
50? ww Goodbye yellow brick road booties
50 dk/ww Fortune cat toy
50 ww/bw Super quick fingerless mitts
50 dk Baseball preemie cap
50 sw Kozy Koozie
50 dk/ww Simple lace fingerless gloves
50? ww Beer cozy
50? ww Ninetendo cozy
50? bw Basic bean bag toy
50? fw Carolus bear
50? dk Hide and hold headband
50 sw/dk Heart bookmark
50? ww Strozzi necklace
50 dk/sw Top down baby bonnet
50 ww Granny’s church bazaar soap sack
50 bw Headband
50? fw Wiggles baby socks
50? aw Knit coffee cup sleeve
50 dk Angel booties
50 ww Knit dish cloth dress
50? fw Magic slippers for babies
50? ww Dice bag
50? ww Toe cover for casts
50 ww Easter peeps toy
50? dk Egg cozy sweater
50? fw Mini socks (baby)
50 ww Zakka tissue cozy
50 fw Leftovers baby socks
50 ww Magic bag of holding
50 ww Simple Baby Bib
50? sw Mary Jane booties
50? ww Simple shoes baby booties
50 ww Bubby bear
50? ww Face mask
50? ww Puppy dumbbell toy
50? ww Bluebird toy
50 dk Chevron eyeshade
50? aw Cable headband
50? sw Thumb thingy
50-60 ww Colorful knitted earmuff headband
50-70 sbw Mohair cowl
50-75 ww Sleep mask
50-75 ww NunuYaya Star Washcloth
50-82 aw Pumpkin dress for apple
51 fw Boogie Time watch band
52 fw Lace bookmark
53 ww Vintage headband
54-66 bw Scarf necklace
55 ww Larkspur headband
55 ww Little felted pouch
55 aw Lotus purse
55 bw Felted Easter bunny
55 fw iPod sock
55? ww Cupcake egg cozies
55 bw Rag bag
58? ww Andean cell phone case
59 sbw Rugged ribbed knit hat

60? sbw Heart cozies
60? fw Cabled headband earwarmer
60? ww Drink can cozy
60? ww iPod vest cover
60 sbw Lyra’s cap
60 ww Fingerless computer mitts
60 ww Water bottle carrier
60 ww Organic Cotton Knit Booties
60 aw Norwegian baby hat
60? dk Rainbow babies (dolls)
60? ww Tangled headband
60? aw Snug cell phone holder
60 ww Mop cover
60 bw Cabled galaxy scarf
60-80 fw Little 16 newborn socks
60-80 ww Night on the town bag
60-120 bw Gifted mittens
63? ww Garter stitch elephant toy
64 ww Vortex dishcloth
64 fw Calla Lily flower
65 ww Sexy trinket bag
65 sbw Super bulky cabled hat
66 bw Shocking pink coif - hat
68 ww Annie washcloth

70 bw Nearly gloves mitts
70 aw Miranda mitts
70 ww Oliphaunt toy
70-258 fw Guatemalan gloves
72 sbw Chunky hip bag
72 ww Obnoxiously simple fingerless gloves
75 fw Little flower doily
75? ww Pocket pixie doll
75? fw Fong sock for flipflops
75? any Knitted kitty
75? fw Ali’s baby sockies
75-98 ww Ellen neck warmer
75-125 fw Lacy knit wristlet
75-150 aw Poor boy caps
75-150 ww Family of mittens
77 bw One ball chemo cap
77-109 sbw Urchin hat
77 ww Harry bear
78 dk Andean headband

80? ww Cotton baby bib
80 bw Chunky cabled beanie
80 ww Scrunched pony tail holder
80 sbw Unoriginal Hat
80 ww Evangeline fingerless gloves
80 ww April showers reversible fingerless mitts
80 ww Fingerless mitts
80 bw Highly regarded mitts
80? bw Ear warmer headbands
80? sw Waste yarn hedgehog
80? fw iPod Nano sock
80-90 sbw Col GC neckwarmer
80-90 ww Viral mitts
80-100 aw Pentapus toy
80-100 fw Beaded coin purse
80-120 ww One hour baby bib
80-120 ww Garterlac dishcloth
81 sbw Pidge Podge scarf
82 ww Drops headband
82-98 dk Tea mitten (cozy)
83? ww Leaf sachet
84 dk/sw Lumiere Midi Scarf
87 sbw Not too beret pattern
87 bw Leftover Mitts
87 aw Lavish scarf
87 sbw Fast track handbag
88-176 bw Twins - bikini tops
89 ww The perfect baby bib
89 lw Beaded amulet bag

90 sbw Knit capelet
90? ww Snaked earwarmer headband
90-110 aw Mindless mitts
92 dk/sw Mr Stegs dinosaur toy
93 ww Bamboozled headband
93 sbw Spring colored felted bowl
93 aw Calorimetry headband
93 sbw Furrrocious dog sweater
95 dk Basic Fingerless mitts
95 bw Charity hat
95? ww Heart shaped dishcloth
95-100 dk Short row spiral afghan (per section)
98 aw Reverse bloom washcloth
98 aw Spice headband
98 aw Lace slant hat
98 aw Fetching fingerless gloves
98 ww Lana & Clark Ascot scarf
98 aw Short rows wavy hat
99 aw Leaf lace hat
99 aw Point Lobos hat

100 bw Magic moebius muffler
100 ww Headbands
100? ww Stirrup cozies
100? fw Short toed socklettes
100? dk/sw Juniper baby bonnet
100 ww Mini basketweave toddler socks
100 ww Autumn tea cozy
100 bw Irish hiking earwarmers (headband)
100 bw Simple earwarmers (headband)
100 ww Flakey baby socks
100? sw/ww Baby tube socks
100? sw/dk Buddy bears
100? dk Slightly ribbed mitts
100? ww Little teddy bear
100? ww Zig-zag mesh kerchief
100 fw Saartjes baby booties
100 dk Belle Star hat
100? sw Worry dolls
100 ww Something curious head scarf
100 fw Mohair scarf
100? ww Little giraffe toy
100 ww Quant - entrelac headband
100 fw Easy peasy yoga-pilates socks
100 bw Cherry Garcia neckwarmer
100 ww Nottingham cabled hat
100? fw Sling Shot coffee cup holder
100 ww Pi Topper Chemo Cap
100? fw Zombie pulse warmers
100? sw Pirate dice bag
100? ww Snake sock puppet
100? ww Valentine mug cozy
100 ww Mock cable neckwarmer
100 dk Jimmy hat and bootie set
100 aw Symmetrical Braided Gauntlets
100? ww Chair (leg) socks
100? ww Philosopher’s wool sampler purse
100? dk Frothy Gothic wristwarmers
100? bw Chihuahua sweater
100? aw Tidal belt
100? ww Nubbins Nouv dishcloth
100? fw Sweaters for purse size tissue packs
100? ww Harriet eyelet kerchief
100 aw Hand/Wrist warmers
100 ww Special companions bag
100? ww Big hair band
100? ww Ribbed chair socks
100 dk No show footies
100-15 dk Raging fingerless gloves
100-120 fw Sweet stranding drawstring bag
100-120 ww Mr Todd’s mitts
100-130 fw Fingerless piano mitts
100-130 bw Thorpe earflap hat
100-150 sw Adam ant toy
100-150 fw Greta fingerless mitts
100-150 sw Garter stripe beanies
100-150 ww Tea (pot) cozy
100-184 ww Dizzy hat
102 aw Espalier shoulderwarmer
104 ww Off balance hat
105 ww Spring bunny to knit
105 ww Nautical eyeglass case
108 sbw Cabled clutch purse
108 bw Fidget collar scarf
108 bw Chunky diagonal rib scarf
108 sbw Quick no-purl keyhole scarf
109 ww Mug and French coffee press jacket
109 ww Edgar scarf
109 ww Simply seamless pouch
109 bw Quickie cowl scarf
109-200 aw Yoga socks
109 aw Noro fingerless mitts
109 fw Vine fingerless mitts
109 aw Wavy Gravy Hat

110 aw
Kureyon-Chan bag
110 ww Kureyon (tea) kozy
110 ww Suzzane’s purse
110 bw Stephanie’s ribbon bag
110 ww Reversible hat
110? ww Baby bunny beanie
110 bw Bulky tam
110 ww Helix cap
110 ww Noro one skein hat
110? ww Little Princess felted crown
110 bw Ruffled neckwarmer
110 ww Noro felted purse
110-220 bw Comfy socks
110? ww Jackie's wrist warmers
110 ww Felted Yoda baby hat
110 dk Razor shell lace neckwarmer
112 dk Clone Mr. Dangly toy
114? ww Knit a rat
115 bw Air bear
115 dk Phynn scarves
115 fw Different slant baby hat
115 fw Blue King cabled mitts
115 dk Cuddlies - rabbit, cat, bunny toy
116-120 fw Mitt envy

120 ww Herringbone belt
120? dk Lace wings Fixation socks
120 ww Shortrows sideways hat
120 bw Hot water bottle cover
120 sbw Recycle bag
120 ww Shoulder holder shrug
122 fw A basic doll to knit
120? dk Super Easy Super Pretty Neckwarmer
120 fw Toe warmers - footlets (Peds)
120 ww Isabeau purse
120 dk Sloched Tuva Hat
120-150 ww Claudia hat
121 sw Small beaded bag
121-231 bw/fw Santa Cruz lace hat
122 ww Teeny tiny felted tote
122 bw Slouch hat
122-244 ww Scarfy come home
123? aw Nakiska headband
123 ww Easy lace scarf
125 aw Hippie headband
125 sw Curly Scarf
125 ww Lucky 7 (cabled) hat
125-150 fw Ballet school dropout sockettes
126 aw Earflap hats

130 ww Cool blue shoulder bag
130 fw Quick Sneaker slipper socks
130 ww Tilli Tomas neckwarmer
130 bw Fluffbox neckwarmer
130 dk Molly’s headband
130 sbw Easy felted bag
130 ww Celtic cable neckwarmer
130 ww Herringbone neck warmer
131 aw Dress code loophole wrap
131 bw Frog and bumblebee bags
132 bw Twin Cable Purse
132 dk Taylor baby wrap (shawlette)
132 sbw Funky knit purse
132 bw Bunnies got back purse
134 bw Chunky ankle socks
135-270 bw Baby jumper
136 dk Lacey garden ascot
137 fw Rickrack scarf
137 sw Legwarmies (kids)
137 dk Hugs & Stitches newborn booties

140 ww Penguin pal hat
140 ww Simple (baby) shoes
140 ww Noro spiral one skein hat
140 bw Little felted bag
140 ww Wristwarmers
140 ww Tudora - collar scarf
140 bw Paw cozy
140-150 aw Lush scarf
140-170 sw Your way basic hat
140-200 ww Quick and chunky simple cable scarf
141 bw Plain or flowery slippers
142 dk Odessa hat
142 dk Keyhole scarf
143 fw Ankle socks
146 dk Blush neckwarmer
146 aw Via Mala bag
146 dk Twin leaf beaded scarf
147 bw Braided scarf

150 sw/ww Sarah’s (18" doll) shawl
150 sw Friday scarf
150? sw Princess needle cozy
150 sw Dream swatch headband
150 ww SW Textured Scarf
150 aw Bobble Hat
150 ww Purled beret
150 fw Boulder belt
150 ww Net shopping bag
150 sw It's the Paws Thing armwarmers
150 sbw Chunky funky cable bag
150? dk Bainbridge scarf
150 sw Lace scarf
152 bw Quick felted clutch purse
153 aw Shrug this
153? dk Tarot bag
153? ww Kitten mittens
154 sbw It’s in the bag
155 bw Not-So-Bulky Golden Compass Hood

162 bw Eva envelope clutch bag
164 aw Dashing fingerless mitts
164 bw Stuffed elephant toy
164 bw Anthropologie-inspired Capelet
165 ww Everyone’s doing it shrug
165 ww Knit tea pot and mug cozy
165 ww Cabled fingerless mitts
166 ww Sundance bagholder bag

170 ww Chakra hat
170 ww Monkey/Market bag
174 ww Two button scarf generator
175 fw Alison's ankle socks
175? dk Beaded wrist warmers
175 fw Tidepool anklets
176 aw Gypsy clog socks

180 aw Dinosaur hat
180 sbw Franz headscarf
180 ww Katja baby tank top
180-200 ww Sunday market shawl
182 dk Tube top
184 ww Lace leaf scarf
184 dk Page 81 booties
185-200 ww Classic baby pullover
186 sw Cashmere cowl moebius
187 bw Unbiased bag
189 ww Sunshine string bag

190 bw/ww Zeebee hat
190 dk Branching out lace scarf
190 ww Bike helmet ear warmers
190-200 ww Kids (toddler) seamless sweater
190-230 ww Kitty backpack
191 sw Garter stitch mitts
195 ww Fuzzy lamb toy
195 dk Handspun lace scarf
196 fw Breeze ankle socks
198 dk Corkscrew knitted scarf
198 dk/sw Potato chip scarf

200 ww Shawlette
200 ww Kids seamless sweater
200 ww Fuzzy feet slippers
200 ww Red heart scarf
200 sw Spot dyed chevron lace scarf
200? ww Crazy kiwi bird toy
200 aw A better bucket hat
200? ww Book purse
200 bw Sari silk bag
200 ww Slipper socks
200 ww River tote
200 fw Little leaf scarf
200 fw Super simple short socks
200 dk Piggy mittens
200 bw Cloud bolero
200 bw Eyelet capelet
200 ww Elf's hat
200 ww Scrunchable scarf
200 aw Bon-bon socklettes
200 sw March is for bikers neckscarf
200 bw Angus angular scarf - Lang Tosca version
200 ww Better bucket hat
200-220 lw Lace muffatees
200-220 ww Fountain hat
200-220 ww Leftover slippers (child)
200-220 bw Nancy’s cabled scarf
200-260 bw Sorceress shrug
201 bw Knit baby sacque
205 ww Mah Jongg bag
216 aw The Ruffler tube scarf
206 ww Evening bag
210 ww Lacy scarf
210 aw Hat with earflaps
210 ww Lacy Scarf
210-274 bw Lindsey tote bag
212 ww Drop stitch scarf in handspun
214 ww Funky draft door stoppers
215? ww Malabrigo gloves
215 ww Toasty topper kids hat
215 ww It Ain’t Plain, Jane! scarf
215 ww Dayflower lace scarf
215 ww Entrelac scarf
215-225 dk First day scarf
216 dk Cream of spinach lace scarf
216 bw Pocket scarf
218 bw Cloud bolero
218 aw Fireside felted footies
218 aw Urban rustic gloves
218 ww Three tams
218 ww Leftovers mittens
218 bw Racing stripe scarf
218 ww Adirondack scarf
219 ww Fletching silk scarf

220 ww Path of the Heart lace scarf
220? ww Elephante toy
220 fw Lace and cable cap
220 fw Mesh gloves
220 ww Spooky cabled armwarmers
220 aw Easy lace fingerless mitts
220 ww Seaman cap
220 ww Simon tam hat
220 dk River tam hat
220 ww Cape Ann gansey gauge hat
220 ww Red Dwarf socks
220 fw Wavy feathers wimple
220 ww Short snort girlfriend tank
220 ww Celestine star tree topper
220 ww Offset diamonds scarf
220 aw Holding hands, feeding ducks scarf
220 sw Hot water bottle cozy
220 ww Felted bowl
220-225 bw Cuff to cuff toddler sweater
222 fw Tulip toes baby booties
223 ww Pedicure socks
225 ww Valentine sequin scarf
225 sw Frequency socks
225 ww Square cake bag
225 sw Neck warmer
229 lw Anisette mohair scarf
229 fw Knotted openwork scarf
229 ww Ice Queen Cowl

230 dk Marble Lace Fingerless mitts
230 sbw Klein bottle hat
230 bw Georgiana lace scarf
231 dk Checkular scrapghan (per motif)
235 ww Piece of my heart dishcloth/handtowel

240 fw Wheat stalkings
240 lw Cat paw lace scarf
240? ww Leftover (button on) towel
240 ww Shade - lamp shade
240 ww Tractor tracks scarf
241-262 dk Tea cozy hat
242 ww 10 Minute girl’s tank top
246 aw The Rose Shrug
246 bw Sheep wrap
246 dk Endless loop scarf
249 dk Bikini

250 sw Ruffled scarf
250? ww Five point bag
250 sw Cherry leaf lace scarf
250 fw Moss stitch scarf
250 ww Van’s twisted rib hat
250 bw Queen’s shrug
252 bw Felted journal cover
252 aw Mossy baby jacket
253-275 ww Seamless baby kimono sweater

260 dk
Scarf hat
260 dk Little Arrowhead shawl
261 bw Natty hat and scarf set
261 aw Plaited scarf
261 sbw Unshaped shrug
262 dk Baby fern lace scarf
262 bw Zigzag lace scarf
265 ww ScWiNoNa scarf

270 ww My so-called scarf
272 dk Glowbal warming mittens
273 lw Eye of Partridge Shawl
273 ww Drop stitch scarf
274 dk/sw Spindle socks
274 sw Sock wars Scar sock
280 aw Top down baby cardigan

284 dk/ww Seafoam scarf
284 sbw Duveteau two way wrap
285 ww Magic spiral tube socks
285 ww Summer fun baby onesie
285 bw Knit felted bag

Yarn weight - yards in a 50 gram ball - U.S/Metric needle sizes
any - use any yarn you choose
08 wpi - Super bulky (sbw) 43 yards --- U.S. 13, 15, 17/9.0-12.75mm
10 wpi - Bulky (bw) 65-87 yards --- U.S. 10, 10.5, 11 /6.0-8.0mm
12 wpi - Worsted/Aran (ww/aw) 98-131 yards --- U.S. 7, 8, 9/4.5-5.5mm
14 wpi - DK/sport (dk/sw) 120-196 yards --- U.S. 4, 5, 6 /3.5-4.0mm
16 wpi - Fingering (fw) 207-262 yards --- U.S. 2, 3, 4 /2 .75-3.5mm
18 wpi - Lace (lw) 285 yards --- U.S. 00, 1, 1.5 /1.75-2.5mm