Friday, September 25

Fall and new developments

Our weather has been so screwy this year. It was cold most of the summer. Then the first day of fall hits and it's as warm as the first day of summer should have been. Go figure! Oh well, I'm enjoying the warm temps for as long as it lasts. It's been dry since the first of the month. The leaves are turning colors and starting to fall.

My forsythia bush is clearly confused. Do you see the yellow in the center of this picture? Those are flowers! It's not supposed to be blooming in September. It only blooms in the spring before the leaves come out.

Our tomatoes have been coming in like gangbusters. Here are some big yellow tomatoes I picked last week. These are either heirloom Pineapple Tomatoes or Big Rainbows---both are very sweet, and flavorful, low acid tomatoes. The ruler will give you an idea of how big these really are. Each of them must weigh at least a pound.

And some big news! We're having a four seasons room built by Champion! It's something hubby and I have wanted for a long time. Yesterday, they poured a foundation around our existing patio. Here's one of the workers pumping concrete into one part of the trench. Now to be patient until the walls and roof arrive and are installed. It should be done by the end of October. This will more than double the size of our family room and add some much needed living space to our home. I'm looking forward to sitting out there this winter watching it snow while I spin. Or inviting my knitting/spinning group over for a Fiber Frolic! The kitties aren't too happy about all changes right now but I think they'll be very happy to have all those windows to peer out this winter when it is too cold for them to go outside.

Thursday, September 10

The Crystal Garden Shawl pattern

The Crystal Garden Shawl pattern is now available.
This pattern is for a triangle shawl knit from the neck down. It features a crystalline design that ends with a diamond triangle lace edging. The linear design of the lace changes as the shawl grows, mirroring the many facets of our personalities and how we change and grow throughout our lives.

The 15 page pattern includes both charted and line-by-line instructions. The blocked size of the shawl is 68” wide x 34” long. Laceweight yarn such as Knit Picks Shadow, Shimmer, Gloss lace, Bare laceweight or similar yarns are recommended for this project. You'll need about 1200 yards and size 4 (3.5 mm) knitting needles.

[BTW, that's Boo in the picture. He likes this shawl. He was purring and kneading it. LOL!]
This design is dedicated to my MIL, Mary Alice, who passed away from cancer in August 2007. A donation was made in her name to the Center for Hospice and Palliative Care for each pattern sold in 2009. Hospice provided invaluable help to our family and care for my MIL during the final months of her life. A check for $90 was sent to Hospice from introductory pattern sales. Thanks everyone for your donation!
For more information, visit my Ravelry pattern store to see all my available designs, current pricing information, and purchase pattern downloads.