Thursday, December 28

Scrap yarn for knitting catnip mice

Woo-hoo! Look at this huge box of yarn scraps! Debbi McNeer of WV was kind enough to send them to me for catnip mice toys. Thanks, Debbi!
You've probably been wondering what the picture is at the top of my blog. It's a picture of the cat toys I've been knitting for Pet Refuge for over 6 years. My three cats---Boo, Solitaire, and White Kitty---were adopted from Pet Refuge. Two others passed on at the ripe old age of 16---Gray Kitty in April 2005 and Sam in April 2006. My toys are given to cats at the shelter and any extras are sold at adopt-a-pet events. Funds raised help pay for medical care and pet food for cats and dogs staying at the shelter while waiting for new homes. I'm always on the lookout for scrap yarn for this project or trying to recruit knitters to help me knit toys. LOL! I haven't had much luck with the latter! Here's another picture of the toys.


Ann C. said...

Hi there! Love your mice!!!!! Do you use Wendy's pattern? I have given thought to doing some of them and some snuggle blankies too but the shelters here in Dallas are cold hearted! All my babies, 6 inside and an everchanging number outside, are adoptees, mostly ferals who I have tamed. Some have chronic ailments like little Mouse who is epileptic. All are angels of mischief.
Ann Carpenter in Dallas, Texas

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Nice score! That should make lots of mice:-)

Debbi said...

I just Googled myself – heh – and your blog was the first hit! Hope you and the rescue kitties are enjoying the yarn. I'd completely forgotten that I even sent it, since it went out with all the other Christmas stuff this year.