Friday, January 26

Elfin Slippers

Solitaire likes the pair of Elfin Slippers I finished last night. This is the third pair I've made. The first two pairs went to my Mom for Christmas. She loves them because they keep her feet warm. This pair is earmarked for my SIL Mindy. If you like easy, mindless knitting, these garter stitch slippers are for you. The slipper looks like a letter "T" before you sew up the toe and heel seam. I used a smaller needle size than the pattern recommends and felt them slightly. I haven't felted this pair yet. One ball of Patons Merino Classic Wool (223 yards) will make a pair with a little left over. The color I used is Regency, a variegated red and pink colorway. I like knitting slippers in warm colors. It may all be psychological, but I think they keep your feet warmer than cold colors like blue. The Elfin Slippers pattern is by Amy O'Neill Houck. You can find it for sale here as a downloadable file.

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