Tuesday, January 23

Fighting kitties & one bobbin done

I finished spinning half of the BFL top last night. Here's what's left of the roving and a bobbin full of singles. Pooka decided he needed to be in the picture too. If Mom finds it interesting, so does he. See how he's grown and his fur is so shiny?

Boo and Pooka are getting along well and playing together. Unfortunately, Boo has taught him how to tackle a kitty and bite them in the belly. To Boo's horror, Pooka uses this move on him. That's what he was doing here (Boo on left, Pooka on right). Boo isn't very happy about it as you can see. Click on the picture for a closer look.

My friend, Elizabeth, is talking about starting a prayer shawl ministry group that will meet once a month. I will definitely join. We've found some simple shawl patterns to knit that aren't too boring or too complex. I want to help others get through their trying times and pay back some of the good wishes and prayers sent my way over the past 4-5 months. All that healing, positive, energy really does help. Since last September, it has been one family medical emergency after another. My 82-year-old FIL hurt his back and couldn't get around or take care of my MIL. My MIL was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery to remove a sizeable tumor in October. After several months of not feeling well, my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in October. She had surgery to remove part of one lung in late November. My Uncle John died and I couldn't travel out-of-state for the funeral because I was needed here. My relatives understood though it upset me that I couldn't be there for them. My Aunt Maxine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery to remove it a week ago. It has spread to her lymph nodes. She will have radiation treatments starting soon. And, if that wasn't enough, my MIL was taken to the emergency room on January 6 and almost died. She is home from the hospital but is not doing as well as we would like. Another real concern for me is that the rest of my family---my Mom, Dad, and both of my brothers---have all had cancer in the last 10 years. All four are doing well and the prognosis is good. But...you still worry about them and yourself too. Hubby and I wouldn't have made it without the support of friends and family. Knitting, spinning, and kitties have helped me keep my sanity too. :-)

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Bridget said...

Our cats do the same thing - I guess there must be one or two in every group who think it's hi-larious ...

Sorry to hear how much has been going on with you and your family recently. Hopefully it's all finished, at least for a while, by now.