Monday, January 29

Winter Wonderland

Woo-ee, was it cold this morning! Nine little degrees, though it may have gotten even colder than that. Until Saturday night, when it started snowing, we'd only had a couple of inches of snow for the entire winter. So NOT a typical winter for us in northern Indiana. Now it looks much more like winter here with 8+" on the ground and more coming down. See how much snow is on the table on the right? (And don't ask me why hubby didn't put it away last fall.) It's a lot lighter out than these pictures show. I'm guessing they came out so dark because of how hard it was snowing when I took them.

The Mystery Pi shawl is growing larger. I'm about halfway through clue #3. Now that we're up to 288 stitches per row, it takes awhile to knit one row. When the stitches double the next time, I'll have to hunt up a longer circular needle. I'm beginning to get nervous about running out of yarn.

I'm taking some time to do some design work on a hamster cat toy pattern. I've knit a least 3 versions so far and still haven't got the look I want. Pookie stole one of them to play with. At least he likes it! The weird thing is I had intended to work on a idea I had for a worm toy, not a hamster. Several years ago, I played around with a hamster pattern but never finished it. We'll see if I can make it work this time around.


marti said...

brrrr, i'll stop complaining about temperatures in the 20's now! aren't you glad you knit?

Sam said...

Holy cow - now I'll really feel like a baby when I complain about 20 degrees! ;-) Stay warm, Vicki!