Tuesday, February 20

Do I really need to start another project?

I really do try to limit the number of projects I'm working on. They have a much better chance of getting done if there are only 2 or 3. UFOs that languish too long do not normally get finished. It's beginning to get out of hand. Currently on the needles, are cat toys, socks, and the Mystery Pi shawl. That should be enough but...the handspun I posted about yesterday is looking for a pattern and I found the coolest felted knitting basket pattern by Lucia Tedesco.

So did I work on any of my current projects yesterday? I did finish a sock last night. LOL!

What I did do yesterday was make myself a circular knitting needle holder (which I have wanted forever but was too cheap to buy). No more kinky cables on my circs! My sewing frenzy was inspired by finding this pattern on the web for making a holder out of old blue jeans. However, mine was made with a scrap of home dec fabric, a length of bulky yarn, and an aluminum afghan hook. The sewing didn't take long. What did take awhile was gathering up all my circular knitting needles, checking the sizes with a needle gauge, giving the cables a hot water bath to straighten them out, making an inventory list of what I have, and sorting out which ones to keep. Even after filling the new holder, I have 27 circulars that need to find a new home. Yikes, how did I get so many! LOL! And I'm not telling how many are in the holder or even hinting that there are a few sizes I still don't have. (Don't even suggest I buy one of those Knit Picks Interchangeable sets. I had a similar Boye set for many years. No matter how tightly I screwed them together, they always fell apart at the most inconvenient times. :-( And I really dislike nickel needles. My favorites for lace knitting are the old Susan Bates Quicksilver gray nylon needles and Clover bamboo for anything else.)

In my search for circular needles, I unearthed an intriguing leaf lace stitch pattern. Of course, that had to be knitted into a swatch as a possible scarf pattern for the blueberry handspun. It looks fabulous if I do say so myself. Click on the picture for a closeup.

Today, I was off to Michael's with a 40% off coupon in my hot little hand in search of some Paton's Classic Merino yarn. Yes, I caved and bought 3 skeins of yarn to make the felted knitting basket. No, I did not have any worsted weight wool in my stash to make this project. I'll wager this one will be on the needles by nightfall. So much for good intentions.


Jen @ Sewing World said...

Enjoyed reading your blog!

I think I have the same problem when it comes to finishing projects, tend to have to many on the go at one time and find it hard to actually finish one of them. There has to be an answer - I just wish I knew what it was.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

Ohh the blueberry looks fantastic!

Jane said...

I'm a serial knitter as well and I also find it difficult to finish a project, but last year I set a limit to how many projects I could have ont he needles. In order to start a new one, I either had to rip or finish a project. Last year I started multipal projects and finished none in the year 2006, but this year I am finishing most of what I started out to do last year and frogged the ones I had to admit would go nowhere. You might try that! Worked for me.