Monday, February 5

More info on spinning silk hankies

Several people have asked me for more information on spinning silk hankies. I'm new at this and have given some basic directions in my last post. For those who'd like more information with pictures, click here on Knitty and Spin-Off to go to these articles.

I bought dyed Mawata silk hankies from Elizabeth Shreeves of Lone Tree Wools at her booth at Michigan Fiber Fest last August. She had laundry baskets full of bags of hand dyed silk hankies. It was very hard to choose just a few to buy. LOL! I don't have a webaddress or email addy for her, only a mailing address in Iowa and a long distance phone number. I won't post either online without her permission. If you'd like her contact information, email me at junkyarn AT yahoo DOT com and I'll send it to you.

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