Friday, February 9

Too Many Lace Patterns

There are too many new lace knitting patterns on the market! This is not really a complaint. It's great having this problem, but...I don't have enough money to buy everything. LOL! It makes it very hard to decide which one I want to knit next.

I just got a new design from JoLene Treace called Three Flowers. It has three different lace scarf patterns named after flowers. I like Violet the best. JoLene posted information about this new pattern on a list I read. Once I looked at it, I was a gonner. Trouble is, I also saw a picture of her Charlotte Stole. I bought that too. Check JoLene's blog for pictures of both. The ironic thing this is JoLene and I both live in Indiana but I had to order the patterns from a shop in Oregon!

My friend, Elizabeth, isn't helping. Wednesday night she showed me a copy of the Winter 2007 Wild Fibers magazine with a new Evelyn A. Clark shawl pattern in it. Evelyn won the Buffalo Gold design contest with her Heartland Lace Shawl. The design looks like buffalo hoof prints and she even knitted it with buffalo yarn. I love her patterns! No chart in the magazine though Evelyn says there is one available. Buffalo Gold's website says they will be posting the chart. I emailed to find out when and will it be free or for sale. I find it easier to knit lace from charts, not lengthy written instructions. Elizabeth, being the enabler she is, also gave me an extra copy of the new Rowan (#41) that has a new Sharon Miller design called Anice Shawl on page 11. I am spoiled for choice!

The Smoke Ring is 95% finished. Just a few rows yet to knit so I can wash, block, and wear it. It's still really cold here and continues to snow a little more almost every day. It hit 20 degrees today for the first time in days. It feels like a heat wave! How cold it feels is relative. When it's warm and the temp falls to freezing, it feels really cold. When temps have been below zero and hovering in the single digits for days, freezing (32 degrees F) feels warm.

I've given up waiting for the extra skein of yarn for the Mystery Pi. I'll wind up the other ball I have so I can resume knitting on Clue #4. I'm glad Renee is not releasing Clue #5 until Monday. It should give me time to catch up. I'm working on a 36" circular and the shawl looks like a bag.

The Fish Cat Toy pattern has been successfully test knitted by Marti, Vanessa, and Betty. Thanks, everyone, for doing this and catching a few errors that I missed. I'll post when the pattern is available.


Jess said...

Vicki - you can't have too many lace patterns!! :-)

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JoLene Treace said...

Hi Vikie! Thanks for the link on your blog. I love knitting lace, myself. Have you every been to Treenway Silks? If you like really fine lace weight yarn, they have some really YUMMY stuff. Cheers, and have fun knitting.