Tuesday, March 6

Copyright info and new handspun

I've had some very positive responses to my bunny pattern. I hope everyone has fun knitting them. One person even contacted me for permission to publish the pattern in her knitting guild's newsletter. I'm flattered! It's good web netiquette to ask for permission to do this or use a picture from someone's blog.

But not everyone plays nice. Copyright means copyright. That means don't copy pictures from my blog and post them anywhere unless you ask first and I give you written permission to do so. Otherwise it's stealing.

If you want to let other people know about my patterns, send them a message with the URL to my blog.

Feel free to print one copy of each free pattern I've posted but do not sell them or rewrite them and claim them as your own. I've put a lot of work into them.

Now, if you wish to make items from my patterns and give them as gifts, please do so. It is not ok to sell items made from my patterns without my permission. (On my whale and fish cat toy patterns I do give permission to sell toys if all the money raised from the sale is donated to an animal shelter.) If you're not sure, please ask.

I apologize to everyone for having to blog about this. I'm sure you're as sick of reading copyright arguments on groups as I am.

On another front, I finished spinning Liz's merino last night. Here it is all skeined and labeled. I'm really getting consistent. Out of 3.1 ounces of combed top, I got 372 yards. I know that some people don't like yarn when it barber poles. I do. The colors are gorgeous! I am amazed every time by how different the roving looks from the completed yarn. You can see the roving in a picture in my February 4th post.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you did post about copyright, I wanted to post a link to your blog on my yahoo group because the bunnies are so cute. I went back and immediately deleted my message.


Kristine said...

Vicki- the merino turned out beautifully... I love the barberpole look too, I think it makes the finished knit look like a Monet- blurry color variations emerge to give it depth and a unique color.

Vicki said...


It's all right to post a link/URL to my blog. I've posted about the pattern on several groups.