Friday, April 6

Prayer shawl finished

The prayer shawl is finished and ready to be delivered. Last night, I bound it off and blocked it before I went to bed. This version of the Forest Canopy shawl was made with 440 yards of yarn and 14 pattern repeats before the edging. Definitely a much larger shawl than a 350 yard skein of Mountain Colors Weavers Wool.

Entries for the triangle shawl pattern contest are now up to 93. If it gets to 100, I'll sweeten the pot with another yarn prize---either a 440 yard skein of handdyed sock yarn or a skein of my handspun big enough to knit one of the shawls on the list. Check out my March 27 post to find out how to enter. Stay tuned...

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Robin said...

Just beautiful!!!