Wednesday, May 2

A pretty skein of yarn

Here's the latest skein of handspun. It's a periwinkle blue and lime green blend that may be Corriedale. This 2.6 oz skein has 380 yards in it. I hope to have the rest spun up soon. Click on the picture to get a closer look.

I was surprised how plying this single muted the original colors. I mean that in a good way. Both were pretty bright in the roving. (Scroll back to my post about Greencastle in early April and you'll see a picture of it.) I'm happy with the spring-y colors of this yarn.

I'm a color freak. I like spinning fiber with two or more colors in it. I'm beginning to get a better "eye" for buying color in roving. I've learn that if both colors are the same strength, the finished yarn may be a little "muddy" looking. It probably will not be as pretty as the original colors in the roving. Some that I've bought that I thought were way too bright are very pretty and more muted in the skein.

Visits to the chiropractor are helping with my neck and back problems. I hope to get back to knitting soon. In the meantime, it's spin, spin, spin.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! I have been thinking about you. I hope the Chiropractor visits are going good:-)

Shelley said...

The colours are beautiful!

Leah said...

The yarn is really pretty. Green and purple are my fav colors, so it is hard to be unbiased. I went and looked at the roving and the periwinkle color jumped out at me more. Very nice transition. One of the things I find most interesting about spinning is how much different the roving looks After you have spun it.