Monday, June 11

Six month blog anniversary!

Woo-hoo! I've officially been blogging for 6 months. My first tentative post was on December 11, 2006. I didn't think I'd have that much to blog about but I always seem to find something. LOL! Someone must find my blathering interesting because I've had over 20,000 hits since then. It's fun to go to Sitemeter and find out where my readers are located (all over the world) and how many blogs link to me. I must be doing something right.

I'm happy to report that my missing Forest Canopy shawl has been found! I left it at a local restaurant the last time I was there. I'm very lucky. They thought it belonged to one of the waitresses.

Here's a pic of the Targhee I finished spinning recently. This was such an easy and fun spin! I skeined it into two skeins---458 yards and 4.1 ounces total. One skein is fingering to laceweight and the other is a little thicker. I'm getting used to the double drive on the Tina and my spinning is getting more consistent on it.

The Little Gem is back in business. I'm using it to spin some Ashland Bay merino top. (I wanted it spun finer than I can spin on the Tina. Though I'm sure I'll get there on the Tina with a little more practice.) The colorway may be called Daffodil. It's definitely spring-like colors. The fiber is mostly white with small streaks of red, green, yellow, pink, and a periwinkle blue running through it. The single I'm getting is beautifully variegated with all the colors. I'm almost done spinning the singles and hope to start plying it today. The Tina is teaching me to draft much faster and finish a spinning project quicker.

I took a skein of the Targhee to Show & Tell at the retreat on Sunday. Several people asked: "Do you sell your handspun?" Sometimes I do.

Others asked, "How long have you been spinning?" Two years on a drop spindle and a year and a half with a wheel.

It is a puzzlement to me. Though I find my spinning to be perfectly normal, others find it hard to believe I am such a newbie spinner. They seem very impressed with the quality of my handspun. Now, I am not by nature a competitive person. I spin because I enjoy doing it. My motto is to always to do my best at everything I attempt. (And contrary to what some people may think about me, I don't do everything well. LOL!) The first time I sat down at a wheel I was told I was a natural spinner. Or could it be a remembered skill from a past life?


e's knitting and spinning blog said...

The targhee is beautiful!!!

crafty nature said...

you seem to find such beautiful fiber. Are you spinning these yourself or are you buying these.

Vicki said...

It's all my own handspun. I buy the fiber online or at fiber festivals and spin it up as I have time. Anyone can learn. It isn't hard.