Sunday, July 1

The Butterfly Shawl is actually...

If you'd like a copy of the Butterfly Shawl pattern, go to the Lion Brand website. The Butterfly Shawl is a word-for-word copy of their Easy Triangle Shawl #2. The picture on the Lion Brand page shows a not very clear picture of a gray shawl knit in their Homespun yarn. (IMO, it's too textured of a yarn for this pattern.) The shop who posted a copy of this pattern on the web may well have violated Lion Brand's copyright. I suspect it's a good thing that this shop is no longer in business.

I've deleted the Butterfly Shawl entry from my triangle shawl list. That takes the list down to 229 patterns. I've got some more pattern links to post when I get the time.

Here are directions on how to finish the shawl and work the Crocheted Shell Edging I used on mine.

Knit one more row so you are on the wrong side of the shawl.

Do a stretchy lace bind off. Knit 2 stitches, return them to the left needle and knit 2 together. Knit the next stitch on the left needle (two stitches now on the right needle). Move both of them back to the left needle and knit 2 together.
Repeat until you have bound off all but the last stitch.

Transfer the remaining stitch from your knitting needle to a crochet hook and chain 2. (I used a size G/4.00 mm crochet hook.) *Skip 1 bound off stitch.
In the next stitch, work 2 double crochets, chain 3, 2 double crochets (shell made). Skip 1 stitch.
In the next stitch, work 1 single crochet.*
Repeat from * to * across the row.

Cut yarn, pull through the final loop and weave in the end. Enjoy!


webhill said...

I can't tell which shawl it is. There are 3 easy triangle shawls. The picture from the third one:
looks the most like it to me, but you say it is number 2, which I guess is this:

could you let me know which it is please?? thanks!

Vicki said...

I always try to post clickable links in my blog entries. See the words highlighted words "Easy Triangle Shawl #2" in my blog entry above? If you click on those words it will take you to the pattern on the Lion Brand site. Happy knitting!