Sunday, July 15

Designing behind the scenes

Not much knitting or spinning going on at the moment. I've been distracted by a couple of knitting ideas that won't let go. They've been percolating in my head and the results are crystallizing. The new designs are for a:

1) modular afghan worked as individual motifs or in strips
2) triangular top-down lace shawl

I'm in the midst of test knitting both projects. The afghan project is just about ready to turn loose. Just a few more details to check out. I think you'll like it. It's a scrap yarn project. I should get it posted on my blog this week as a freebie.

The lace shawl pattern won't be ready for awhile. I've knit enough of a sample to know the design works well and should be a fairly easy knit. The yarn I'm using is a discontinued one from Knit One Crochet Two called Madelaine. It's a fingering weight superfine merino wool in willow green. I'm crossing my fingers I have enough yarn.

The shawl edging is still a big question mark. I'll continue to think about it while I knit the body of the shawl. The prototype chart and pattern (minus edging) have been typed up. I'm debating whether to offer line by line instructions or not. It will take me longer to complete the pattern if I do.

I may ask someone to test knit it. I'd like to catch any errors before I release it to the public.

Pictures to come. The completed pattern will be posted for sale on my blog.

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