Thursday, July 5

Kitten Bag & Project Updates

Thought I'd post a picture of the bag my SIL gave me for my birthday. It's a Giordano kittens bag. Isn't it cute? It should make a perfect knitting bag.

The Shetland scarf I started in February is history. I finally admitted to myself that I wasn't going to finish it. I frogged it on Monday. It's a relief to finally have it off the needles. Some projects never quite "jell". You just need to admit it and move on.

I finished spinning the turquoise and blue merino/silk on my Little Gem. Double click on the picture for a closer look. It's laceweight. Finished skein: 3.9 oz/720 yards. Wow! That's enough for a nice sized shawl. No plans for it so off to the stash it goes.

My friend, Liz, is encouraging me to sell some of my handspun. I have sold some of it in the past on Ebay but not lately. But . . . I could use some extra cash to buy more spinning fiber at Michigan Fiber Fest in August. LOL!

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Anita O said...


I believe you could get at least $15-20 easy for handspun. At least that's what it goes for at etsy.