Monday, August 13

Errors, handspun, and what's up this week

There were a few errors in the Cascading Leaves shawl pattern. They have been corrected and information has been sent out to everyone who ordered the pattern. Several people are hard at working knitting the shawl. Can't wait to see pictures of the completed shawls.

I was not feeling well over the weekend. Hubby apparently brought some bug home from work. He had it last week and it caught up with me early Saturday morning. I was miserable all weekend. I'm feeling a little better today but still achy and tired.

I'm trying to decide on my next knitting or design project. Percolating in my head are some ideas for shawls and lace knitting, as well as baby socks. Last week, I was too busy with some unexpected work to work on them. Over the weekend, my concentration was shot from not feeling well. Hopefully, that will improve soon.

Meanwhile, I'm spinning. The top skein is the Blue Face Leicester (BFL) from Lisa Souza. It spun up into a very consistent fingering weight yarn. It should make a nice sock yarn. 4.0 ounces/327 yards. Hubby saw it last night all skeined up with a label. He told me it looked like something you'd buy at a yarn shop. I'll take that as a compliment. LOL! The bottom skein was spun from 1 ounce of superwash wool and tencel that I bought at Greencastle in April. This was a very quick spin! I spun and plied in in one evening on the wheel. Woo-hoo! If I had spindle spun it, I probably would have gotten a lot more yardage. Wish I had more of this fiber. It was fun to spin. 1.0 ounce/87 yards. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Several people have urged me to open an Etsy shop to sell my handspun. I'm considering the possibility. It looks to be a better venue for this type of item than Ebay. It's on my to-do list when I get some free time. My calendar is bursting at the seams this week:

1) a Frog Pond meeting on Tuesday night,
2) helping a friend wash some raw fleece on Wednesday,
3) taking an all-day silk spinning class in Allegan, Michigan on Thursday (A friend can't go. She asked me to take her place.), and
4) going to Michigan Fiber Fest with a vanload of friends to shop on Saturday.

Of course, this list doesn't include all the fun things like cleaning house, grocery shopping, making meals, laundry, picking and processing vegetables, etc., that needs to get done. Sigh...I might have time to sleep for 15 minutes.

Overshadowing everything on my schedule is another factor---my MIL is terminally ill with cancer. She's in the final stage and it's a day-to-day thing. It's a fact that follows me around all my waking hours and makes me cringe each time the phone rings. :-( When she passes, my calendar will be forgotten as my priorities change. Much as I would miss participating in any of the events on my calendar, family comes first.


vanessa said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law.
take care.

crafty nature said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mother in law. You know, those are two of my favorite colors though. I love deep browns like that.