Monday, August 20

Good things come in small packages

What's in this small box? It's the very first fleece I ever bought, fresh back from the processor. This creamy Shetland lamb fleece was bought from Sheltering Pines at the Greencastle Fiber Event in April. I dropped it off at the Wooly Knob booth that April 13th day for processing. Finally, here it is after 4 long months of waiting.

I opened the small box and released the fiber from confinement. It grew and grew and grew. Here's what it looked like out of the box and all fluffed up. It's an amazing mass of baby soft spinning fiber.

The 2 lb 9 oz raw fleece is now 1 lb 7 oz of clean, fluffy, and very soft roving. I pulled out a drop spindle and started spinning. Oh, does this spin into a fine single! I may decide to spindle it instead of wheel spinning it.

I split the fleece with my friend, Jessica. We each have almost 12 ounces of lusciousness to work with. As fine as this will spin up, we should get a lot of yardage. I can foresee some handspun lace shawls in our future. LOL!


marti said...

oh, it is so beautiful! have fun spinning away!

dragonfly183 said...

Its so amazing that you can make yarn out of that. i am going to have to make time to learn how to spin one of these days.

dragonfly183 said...
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crafty nature said...

Its so neat that you can turn all of that into yarn.