Friday, September 7

A Line of Baby Bibs

Sorry I haven't had time to post this week.

I finished the Cascading Leaves shawl in sunrise colors. I'll post pictures once I have a few minutes to block it.

A friend surprised me with an incredibly generous gift on Wednesday night. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

I met up with some knitting friends on Wednesday night. Knowing that there are 2 babies due next year for members of our group, I grabbed some cotton dishcloth yarn and a simple baby bib pattern as I headed out the door. I knit one at the coffee shop, two more after I got home, and another one last night. :-) I love simple knits! Once I tuck in the ends and sew on a button they'll be finished. I highly recommend this as a fast and easy project.

The Simple Baby Bib pattern is by Colleen Kadleck. In 2003, she donated the pattern to the Knitlist free patterns. Thanks Colleen, for a great pattern!

Grab a ball of dishcloth cotton and a pair of US size 9 needles and cast on. In less than 1 hour I had a bib finished. It's a good scrap project. I only used about 40 yards of yarn for each bib. On the next one, I'd like to add the button to the stitch while I'm knitting. This will make it more secure than sewing it on later.


hakucho said...

Beautiful bibs and I know the baby's mothers will love them :)

Cara said...

I knitted a whole bunch like those for some coworkers!!!
They LOVED them!