Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Boo and Pookie wish everyone a spooky holiday. They're both black cats so they know something about that. LOL!

Ravelry is a time sinkhole. I have been slowly working on putting up my finished projects. I was surprised to find so many of them. I'm having to track down the details such as pictures, what yarn I used, etc. for the project. In doing this I've stumbled across more knitting patterns I've written. I'm keeping a list and will be posting them along on my blog.

The library feature is great. I've been posting books from my personal library. Right now it's limited to the books already in their database. I still have a ton more to add. Their counter does not match the number of books I have posted. One book is in their database but won't show up in my library. Hey, they're still trying to work the bugs out this.

I've joined a lot of groups/forums on Ravelry. I'm still trying to figure out how it all works. I'm used to Yahoo groups sending out digests with all the new messages. Ravelry groups are little summaries showing which messages have unread replies. I stumbled across some kind of RSS feeds for each group today. I'm not sure how that works or what benefit it would have if I signed up for it for all the groups I'm subscribed to.

My list of things to knit grows longer as I browse the patterns already in Ravelry. They gave us an icon to add to our browser toolbar. When you find an online pattern you like, you click "add it to ravelry queue" and it will be added to a list of things you want to knit. Cool!

I finished spinning the last bit of the rust/green Rambouillet. The skein weighs 1 ounce and has 174 yards in it. Adding that to the big skein of 902 yards, I have a total of 1,076 yards of this to use for some project. I'm a little tired of green at the moment so it will go into my stash box to wait for the right pattern to come along.

The other night I finished the triangle shawl in the hemp/wool yarn. Bound it off and held it up to admire my work. Oh, sh_t! About halfway up the shawl, I missed half a row of k2tog, yarnovers! Yipes! How did I miss that? I usually look at my knitting as I go to catch those kind of mistakes. Guess I thought this pattern was so simple I couldn't screw up. Well I did. Hubby didn't think it was worth fixing. I can't live with that kind of mistake so I ripped it back to the mistake and put it back on the needles. I'm not in any hurry to finish it now.

I thought I had my next lace project picked out. Not so. I saw some pics of the ends of the stole I was considering and I don't like it. So I will pass on that project and look for something else to work on. My design folder is calling me to come back and work on something in it. Maybe...

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