Friday, November 9

Eyelash yarn scraps and a curly scarf

What do a a few yards of eyelash yarn, a pony tail elastic, and a crochet hook make? It's either a fuzzy hair band or a kid's bracelet. Take your pick. Whichever it is, a child should love it. LOL!


4-5 yards of eyelash or novelty yarn
pony tail elastic bands (double click on pic for a closer look)
Size H crochet hook

I'm working on more items for the bazaar. I finished knitting a baby bib in cotton yarn last night. Once I sew on a button it will be ready to go.


Both patterns are now available through Ravelry.


HisHappyApple said...

The Hairbands are great. Quick and easy and they look great.

Katie said...

I know this is an old pattern, but do you still have it available? This is all I can find, I can't find the pattern, and the link from ravelry brings me here.

Vicki said...

The Curly Scarf pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry. I just added the Hairband or Bracelet pattern. I have been slowly revising and placing them on Ravelry after someone stole some of my free patterns and was selling them as their own.