Saturday, December 22

Christmas cards

This is what my front door looks like today. Christmas cards adorn this ugly metal door that we've never gotten around to painting. I cover it with Christmas cards as they arrive, vaguely in the shape of a Christmas tree, to make it look festive. I miss it when I take in down sometime in January.

The number of Christmas cards we receive goes down every year. I don't blame anyone for not sending cards anymore. With postage at 41 cents plus the cost of cards, the cost adds up quickly.

When we got married 15 years ago, I assigned hubby the task of sending out our Christmas cards. This helped take a little of the holiday pressure off me. And since his card list was about double the size of mine, I certainly didn't want to take in on! LOL! At one point, we mailed out over 60 cards every December. I do not want to figure out how much it cost to do that.

With the cost of everything going up, and everyone's budget feeling the pinch from property taxes (ours went up this year), gasoline prices (there's no public transportation I can use where I live), etc., even we have cut back on cards. I've sent a number of ecards but hubby hasn't wanted to. (Incomprehensible when you consider that his job is computers.) There are some really nice ecards on the web. Though there aren't as many free ones as there used to be.

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MUDNYC said...

Nice "tree," Vicki! I had great intentions of putting up our cards this year, I usually do it every year. But I kept not doing it and no the pile of cards has grown so that the task seems a bit...insurmountable? Not that ominous but with only 3 days til Christmas, I think they're staying in a nice pile this year.