Thursday, January 3

Funky hat and scarf set

When I asked my hairdresser what she wanted for Christmas, she had a quick reply. "I'd like a funky scarf and hat that will go with lime green." And she added, she didn't want wool. I think the pair I came up with will fit the bill nicely, don't you think? (Sorry about the model, I didn't have a person available to model it.) I'll deliver this belated gift when I get my hair cut later this month.

I used three balls of turquoise worsted weight yarn (93 yards each) and one ball of Yarn Bee Featherwisp in Sea Sprite (293 yards). Featherwisp is a 2 ply yarn--one ply is a soft eyelash yarn of white and turquoise and the other ply is a shiny railroad yarn in lime green and turquoise. Put the two together and you have a bulky weight yarn with a little shine and a fuzzy halo. I used a Russian join to join the 3 balls of turquoise yarn and then wound the two yarns into a big ball. I made the hat and scarf out of it and still have enough left over for a narrow scarf. (The pattern for my A Funky Wave Scarf is available as a free download through my Ravelry pattern store.)

The beret pattern is "Bret" from the Hip Knit Hats book. It's a beret knit top down in a bulky weight yarn.

The lake effect snow finally stopped late last night. Once our cloud cover cleared, the temps dropped quickly down to zero or a little below (depending on which thermometer you believe). The down comforter on our bed felt really good last night. :-)

The weatherman says we are in the area that got 15-20" of snow. Ours was more like 18". I only left the house today to make a trip to the library for up some Interlibrary Loan books that came in. After that short jaunt, I was ready to come home. All of the roads, even the main ones, were nothing but ice. You can't stop on ice and only a few intersections were salted. I'm used to driving on snowy roads in the winter but we haven't seen anything this bad in a long time. I'm glad the sun has come out. Even though the temp hasn't gotten out of the teens, the roads are beginning to melt where the sun has found a bare spot. They'll freeze back as soon as the sun goes down. The only good thing is this is good knitting and spinning weather.

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