Tuesday, February 26

Name that shawl & other contest results

Wow! I am overwhelmed by the number of names suggested for my new shawl. It was very difficult to choose between so many good suggestions.

After giving each submission serious consideration, I finally narrowed the list down to my favorite five: Cupid's Arrow, Love-ly!, Wright Angles, Heart Deco and Celtic Hearts. Though I like all of them, I think that Celtic Hearts best expresses my new design.

Congratulations, DJ!
You submitted the winning name. Check your email box for your copy of the pattern.

Thanks everyone, for taking the time to send in a name. I will try to get the shawl pattern posted for sale on my blog and Ravelry tomorrow.

Winners of the "What Can I Make Contest?" are: Marsha, Judy, Jenifer, Cheryl, Tanya, Vandy, Helen, Rachel, Estella, Nicola, Emily, Wendy, Marceline, Carly, Amelia, Sherri, Nadine, and Turvid. I sent email out last Friday to everyone notifying them that they've won. (Check your spam or bulk email folder if your name is on this list and you haven't received the email. Three winners have not responded.) Prize packages were mailed on February 29.

Thanks for being patient with me. The flu bug picked a very inconvenient time to visit my house. Today is the first day I haven't felt like roadkill. I hope to be back to normal soon.


Turtle said...

Congrats Dj, i love that name for the shawl!

I can't wait to look through the pattern list again for ideas! (oh, i did not get an email but no biggie, just wanted to let you know! smile)

Take care of yourself! That bug is evil and sneaky! Daughter thought it was over than it snuck up again for an added day.

Vicki said...

Check your bulk or spam email folder for the message. It was sent out Friday afternoon to the email address you entered with.

turvid said...

Wow - a lot of winners. Congrats everyone. And Yay!