Tuesday, April 29

Sick again

I'll be so happy when April is over. It is usually not a good month for me. I tend to get sick in October and April when the seasons change. I was just thinking last week I was going to make it through April this year without getting sick. That was tempting fate.

Friday afternoon my throat started getting scratchy. At first I thought it was just seasonal allergies and our up and down temperatures. By Saturday morning, it had turned into a sore throat with chills. (No fever, but chills. That's odd.) I spent most of that day sitting in my favorite chair, watching TV covered with a warm blankie, and nodding off from time to time. I was so miserable that knitting was beyond me. :-( Sunday, I was congested. Yesterday, there was not enough Kleenex in the world to take care of all the yuck draining out of my head. Today, I'm finally beginning to feel like I might live.

I'm guessing that stress played a major part in felling me. Finding something to wear to a family wedding this weekend was one of the major stressors. (Yes, the wedding is only 3 days off! I had better be well by then and not give this crap to hubby either!)

Then I accidentally scheduled three medical appointments last week. (Oops!) Two appointments were even on the same afternoon. First was a visit to the dentist for a cleaning and exam. No problems there.

A couple hours after that I got my eyes dilated. I had gone to my eye doctor the previous week for new glasses. She couldn't do it since I didn't have anyone to drive me home afterwards. (Why don't they ever tell you when you make an appointment that they're going to do this stuff so you'll come prepared?) Of course, that meant scheduling this second appointment. My left eye has been giving me problems so she wanted to make sure nothing was going on. Afterwards, I was wearing sunglasses inside the house because I couldn't tolerate the light. It also gives me a horrendous headache. The dilation medicine is supposed to wear off in 1-1/2 hours. It doesn't work that way for me. I had "owl eyes" for the rest of the day. My right eye started to come back after 3 hours. The left eye not until an hour later. In fact, the left one was still slightly dilated when I finally threw in the towel and went to bed. I missed a knitting meetup in the evening too. I was not a happy camper. The only bright spot in all of this is the news that I don't have glaucoma or cataracts. What I do have is floaters in my left eye. When they drift over my field of vision, I get a ripple or out-of-focus distortion until it moves on. Disconcerting, especially when you're trying to read something. I guess it's something I'll have to live with it. There is currently no treatment for floaters.

Two days after this, I had an appointment with my doctor about an itchy patch on my back. (She removed it and sent it off to the lab. Meanwhile, I will worry until the lab report comes back. Just another bit of stress added to the accumulating pile.) I suspect I picked up the bug I have while I was there. It has to be more than coincidence that a little over 24 hours after I visited her office that I started getting sick.

Not much knitting has been getting done. My brain has been so fried from whatever this crap is that I haven't felt like doing much at all. Hopefully, I will feel much better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are under the weather!

My eyes always stay dilated for the rest of the day. It's such a pain.

weebug said...

i hope that you are feeling better and on the mend soon!

Ruth said...

Feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better by now. Stress can really cause us problems.