Saturday, July 12

Current projects

Here's a peek at some of my current projects. Two spinning projects and two knitting design projects. The ball of roving on the upper right and bobbin under it are wool in a gray and bluey green colorway. This is a from a local farm in Indiana. The ball of combed top and bobbin to the left of it is a turquoise and green merino tencel blend from Pagewood Farm. Both of these are spinning up very fine and should produce a fingering weight yarn once plyed. I've spun half of each of these. It will be some time before I finish the second bobbins and ply them. They're both gorgeous!

The green scarf at the bottom is my newest lace design fresh off the needles. (Doesn't look like much yet, does it?) It's slated to be blocked later today. This is an easy garter stitch design that only uses one skein. For a closer look at the lace pattern, click here. [Sorry, if you're not a Ravelry member, this link may not work.]

I haven't decided on a name yet. Any suggestions? Post a comment or send me email on Ravelry. Remember, you'll get a free pattern if you name is chosen. Once the scarf is blocked, I'll take pictures, finalize the pattern, and put it up for sale.

The little blue thing on the far right is a new cat toy pattern. It will be called SquiddyCat. I have work to do on this pattern before it will be released for sale. Look for the debut of a new free cat toy pattern here soon. Zoe, a reader of my blog, contacted me recently about an octopus cat toy she had designed. She asked if I would post the pattern on my blog since she has no blog or method of getting it up on the web. Of course I said yes! LOL! [Thanks, Zoe!] I'm working with her to finalize the Octopuss pattern and get the pictures together that are needed. Hopefully, I will have time to get it posted in the next week or two. Knitting Zoe's octopus pattern inspired my squid cat toy. She designed a top-down, circular method for her toy that has I-cord legs. The round head shape she creates with this method is clearly an octopus. In contrast, my squid is knit sideways on straights to form it's pointy shaped head and is finished with simple crocheted legs.

Someone posted a negative comment recently on my blog criticizing me for selling my cat toy patterns. Sigh...I feel the need to address that comment. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into creating patterns. I put just as much time into the ones I offer at no charge as I do those that I offer for sale. Should I feel guilty for not giving them all away? No.

The number of free patterns offered on my blog is 23: 15 knitting, 7 crochet, and 1 sewing. I give away far more patterns than I list for sale. There are designers who would criticize me for giving away too much. I weigh a number of factors when deciding which patterns to post for free and which to sell. The prices I set for my patterns are very reasonable and affordable.

Some of the cash from my pattern sales goes to support Pet Refuge, my local no-kill animal shelter. This shelter receives no government aid of any kind. They are a volunteer organization that runs strictly on donations. Lately, they are struggling more than ever due to the downturn in our economy, the subsequent drop in donations, and the added burden of pets turned in by people who have lost their homes through foreclosure or can no longer afford to care for them. I do what I can to help out. :-)


MUDNYC said...

Phooey on negative comments like that! You deserve to be paid for your work, and no one has to buy it if they have a problem with that!

Mel said...

Snakeback...the lace looks like the back of a diamondback snake!

And sorry about the Neg-o-Nancy comment on your sock pattern. I liked how you handled it, though!

Moonlit Goddess said...

Ooh! The scarf turned out really nice. Can't wait to see it when it's blocked.

Comments like the one you received are a joke. They have no idea what your situation is. Or like you said that you don't a portion to pet refuge. People should get the facts before they open their mouths. Or just mind their own business in the first place.

Moonlit Goddess said...

PS: The scarf looks like diamonds to me. That may change once you've blocked it, but so far I like "Diamonds in the ruff" or "A girls best friend."

Rositta said...

You know, you don't even have to explain why you sell your pattern or what you do with the money...that's your own business. Anyone who is rude enough to leave a negative message is not someone you'd like to know anyway. Have a lovely day...ciao