Wednesday, October 1

I feel a contest coming on...

It's been awhile since I ran a contest on my blog. I'm seriously thinking about a new contest. It would be based on the Freedom Hat pattern I posted this week.

The challenge would be to take my Freedom Hat pattern and customize it any way you can think up. I've given a lot of variation suggestions in the pattern. I'd like to see what you can come up with.

I'd also like to encourage you to knit one of these hats and donate it to a local charity to help warm someone's head this winter. The weather forecasters are saying this could be a very cold winter.

There will be one prize package awarded to the winner. (I've learned that having too many prizes costs me a bundle in postage costs.) I'm working on gathering together a boxful of goodies to tempt you to enter. (What knitting related items would tempt you to enter?)

I'll judge which is the winning hat. Wow me or make me laugh!

I'm trying to decide how to have you enter the contest. Here are the options:
  1. Have you post a comment (with a link to a picture of your hat) here on my blog.
  2. Give you an email address to send a picture of your completed hat.
  3. Start a Ravelry group for the contest.
Choices 2 & 3 would give me the ability to directly contact the prize winner. Choice 3 would also allow contestants to chat about the contest and entries. (Comments, suggestions?)

I may decide to make this an international contest. As long as the postage to mail the prize doesn't break the bank or cause me too much trouble filling out customs forms. :-)

Watch for more details to come.

If this sound interesting to you, post comments or suggestions below.


Anita O said...

That sounds like a fun contest. I have already thought about ways to make my gang each their own hat, so I'll have lots of entries!

And I say start a Ravelry group. Contestants can post pics in the group page, then you can just scroll through them, which makes it so much easier than trying to keep track of different methods.

I'll have my eye out!

tamdoll said...

Sounds interesting! And a place where people could comment would be good - not everyone who looks at them might knit and be a member of Ravelry. A flickr group?