Monday, September 1

Honey, it's dripping under the bathroom sink...

How does a simple statement like that turn into this?

What was a simple repair has turned into a remodeling project.

It began with the hot water shut off valve under the sink leaking. It has to be replaced. It's hard to work inside the sink cabinet (think contorted on your back) especially when the old shut off refuses to budge. Why not remove the sink and the base cabinet for easier access?

Should I mention that the wall was damaged as it came out? LOL! Since we have to fix the wall, we'll have to paint it. Guess we'll go shopping for paint. Here we are trying to find a paint color that will go with the ugly gold tile in the bathroom. We're going for a bolder color this time.

The sink cabinet didn't survive the removal very well. It is being replaced with a pedestal sink that we purchased today.

I've never cared a lot for that faucet. Shouldn't we replace it too? Shiny faucets water spot. So why do they sell so many of them? Luckily, we had purchased a new satin finish faucet for our second bathroom (which still has to be remodeled).

Hubby didn't like the old baseboards so they're going to be replaced too. LOL! We picked out a trim color to paint them.

We might as well replace the wall cabinets too. That means shopping for replacements. (We may reuse them in the second bathroom.)

The tubular skylight/vent fan hubby bought over a year ago may finally get installed. I will love having natural light in this windowless bathroom!

The plumber will be getting a call soon.

I have to say this isn't as bad as the first remodel of this bathroom some years back. (We've been in this house for 20 years.) At one point, there was nothing left in the bathroom except for the tub. There was a big hole in floor where the toilet was. (Our cats loved peeking down that hole and climbing onto the heat duct hanging from the basement ceiling. We had to put a board over the hole to keep them out until it could be fixed.) The wood around the toilet had water damage. We had to replace even the subflooring. Picture this, the flooring was gone, the door had been removed, and there wasn't even a light fixture. I rigged up a curtain in the door frame for some shower privacy and brought in a floor lamp from the living room. I was so happy when it was completed. We saved a lot of money by doing all the work ourselves thought it took weeks to finish th
e project. Hopefully, this time it won't take so long.

Kitties aren't real impressed with what's going on as you can see from these pics. That's Pookie on his double decker pizza box hammock. He loves it so what you gonna do? Boo is upside down in hubby's chair. I cover it with towels to protect it from fur. The towels are easy to wash, the upholstered chair, not so easy to clean.

In the meantime, t
here's not much knitting going on. The new shawl is stalled until I finalize the borders for it. I have some borders charted but not test knit. Once I decide which I like, I'll finish it up. There's no real rush. (The two weeks it took to get more yarn to finish it have stalled my momentum.)

The wild Opal socks are finished. I've got a couple of new design ideas bugging me. I worked on one of them yesterday.

I've signed up for two swaps on Ravelry. One is the Autumn Sock or Scarf Swap and the other is the Amazing Lace Swap. I've got my swap partner for the first one. I'm starting to collect items for Ja
mie's box. I should get my lace swap partner soon. I'd forgotten how much fun doing swaps can be.

Our garden is winding down. Most of the plants are dying. I've been freezing tomatoes for use this winter. I have to get out and pick the pear tree. One of the limbs broke it has so many pears on it. As well as giving some of them away, I may make pear sauce, pear butter, and/or pear jam.

So much to do, so little time...


Susan T-O said...

Goodness, sounds like quite a remodel you've got on your hands! Better hope the kitchen sink doesn't start leaking ;-)

islagringo said...

What is it about pizza boxes? My cats love them. They never chew on them, just curl up or watch the world go by from them. I finally have to take them away but I feel so guilty!