Tuesday, December 30

The blanket is done!

The Not-a-Granny Square Blanket is finished! It contains 50 ounces of worsted weight acrylic yarn. This only put a dent in my scrap acrylic yarn. I have in mind a couple more scrap afghans to make--one to crochet and one to knit.

The finished size on this blanket is 64 inches x 64 inches. As you can see from the picture, it almost covers the top of my queen size bed. Boo gave his seal of approval as you can see.

I decided to use a tapestry needle to darn in all the yarn tails. Then I worked 2 dcs in each chain or dc down two sides of the afghan. I worked the last row and these two sides all in white. It's all washed and ready to gift. I am giving it to the guy next door. His mother died from a heart attack on Sunday, Dec. 21, right before Christmas. I hope it will give him some comfort.

We're finally enjoying a few nice days here. Ahh...what a relief!

Last Friday, we had freezing rain that turned all our our roads into skating rinks--literally! The local news aired a video of two kids ice skating down their street! It was so bad they issued emergency warnings in our county and two others to stay at home and off the roads or you would be ticketed. Many people ignored that warning and slid off the roads, flipped their vehicles, or got into accidents. One notable accident involved a young girl driving down a main road. Her car was hit from behind by another vehicle. She slid across a 5 lane highway, and crashed into a brand new Volvo on a car dealer's lot. How do you explain that one to your insurance agent? Numerous snow plows also flipped while salting the roads.

Over the weekend, it warmed up to 62 degrees with some rain. That took care of all our snow and the ice on the roads. For the last two days it has been sunny with temps in the low 40s, a very nice change from the cold, dreary, snowy, and icy days we've had for the past 6 weeks. Winter, I'm sure, will be back in full force shortly.

Christmas was busy as usual. After two days of running to see various friends and relatives, hubby and I both crashed for a day. Hubby was very good to me for Christmas. He bought me a Majacraft Pioneer spinning wheel and all of the Shimmy bellydancing DVDs. Woo-hoo! I love the new wheel! It spins like a dream. And the dvds will help me continue to get into shape and lose more weight. Each episode is a no impact aerobic workout. It's amazing how many muscles it works. I'm a little sheepish admitting at my age that I am bellydancing, though I love what it is doing for my body and my figure.


Little Ol' Liz said...

Nice work on the blanket, and choosing a contrasting kitty for the photo was billiant! LOL

Belly Dancing is it? I always thought those gals had a bit of a paunch -- to hold up their costumes, right? Not that I know about a little paunch. I've got a full blown Paunch and John going on (poor CHIPs humor)!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting New Year.

Quasipsyco said...

I'm looking forward to the knitting one and any advice on how you're going to do it.

I have tons of acrylics to make use of, many in half skeins or less.