Tuesday, December 23

We're living in a freezer.

Ugh! We're definitely having a white Christmas this year. There's no way all this snow and ice will leave that soon. Here's a picture of what our roads look like (and have looked like for some time). What you're seeing is solid ice (about 1/2 inch thick) with snow over it. The ice has holes in places making it a challenge to drive. Some people are driving like it's dry pavement. On the news they keep telling everyone to slow down but people don't seem to be getting the message. It's sure keeping the tow truck drivers busy towing people out who slide off the road. And that's not even including all the bad accidents that have occurred. North of us in Michigan, they had a 100 car and truck pile up on I-94. It was white out conditions and the roads were not in good shape. A snowplow turned over when plowing downtown on Monday. Two Marine reservists and two others in the car were killed on the Toll Road on Sunday when their car slid across the median into a lane of oncoming traffic and a semi.

Today our temps are rising a bit. They're predicting rain and freezing rain. We don't need any more ice. South of us they just finished restoring power to 100,000 homes that lost their electricity in an ice storm last week. You can see the forecast here on our local news weather page. It's depressing.

Stay warm, stay safe, and happy Christmas everyone!


RagamuffinQuilts said...

Oh wow, look at all that snow!

Islagringo said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am giving you and your blog a shout out on my Christmas Day post. You might want to check it out. I think you will be happy to read it. www.bnwisla.blogspot.com

Bibliocat said...

NE Ohio - Snow Belt -- Lake Effect weather. Lots of snow and cold winds.
It is cold. I have my wood burning stove going, HOT cup of my fav tea, and my new knitting project on my lap - a gift for a pregnant teacher - a car seat afghan. I am soooo happy.
Keep warm, Sheryl

Gunn Elin said...

I came over your blog searching for shawls! And then I read that you live in Indiana.I live in Norway, but last fall I spent one semester at Indiana University in Bloomington. Imagine my surprise visiting the yarn store downtown Bloomington realising that they had mostly Norwegian yarn there! Anyway, it was fun to read your blog. Take care in Indiana!