Wednesday, January 14

A picture tells the tale

My younger brother's birthday is today. (Happy birthday, Terry!) His birthday always seems to fall during the coldest week of the year. This year is no exception. Last night, the low was zero; tonight below zero, and it will continue this way through Friday. Highs will be in the teens or single digits. It has been snowing for days with more on the way.

We were under a blizzard watch yesterday. It's the first time I've ever heard of such a thing! Today we're under a lake effect snow warning. With 12 inches of snow already on the ground, we do not need more. The only positive thing about all this snow is that it will help insulate the plants. One year when it got bitter cold, we only had a few inches of snow on the ground. That spring, my forsythia bloomed only where the branches were under the snow. It was odd seeing yellow flowers blooming near the ground but not on the rest of the bush.

Here's a pic through my patio door. Brr!! See that mountain of snow on the table? That's Pookie sitting there looking forlornly out the window. He's wishing for spring so he can go outside to run and play. Boo is in hibernation mode. He's given up on the weather getting better. He loves to burrow under the down comforter on our bed. It's much too cold and snowy for kitties to go outside (or to lure me into leaving the warmth of our home). A seat near the dancing flames in our wood pellet stove with knitting in my hands is the best place to be on a day like today. I feel for the birdies and other critters who live outside when it is so cold. Birds perch on chimneys trying to stay warm or hide inside evergreens where the snow on their branches may help insulate them from the wind and cold. Hubby filled the bird feeder before he left for work this morning. Between the birds, squirrels, and the deer, it was empty.

The scrap hexagon blanket is coming along. It is now big enough to keep my legs and lap warm as I work on it. I've put it aside to work on some warm weather gear for me. Recently while visiting a local yarn shop, the owner ribbed me for wearing a purchased hat and gloves. That's bad when you are a knitter! Last night, I finished a pair of fuzzy mittens just for me. I used the Mittenz pattern by Knitting Nonni. These sideways garter stitch mittens use a unique construction method. They remind me of Elizabeth Zimmermann's patterns. (How do they ever come up with these things? LOL!) I used about 110 yards of Mission Falls wool (worsted weight) and a carried along a fuzzy nylon yarn. They were a quick and easy knit. The downside was all the seaming. If I make these again, I may experiment to see if these is a way to avoid some of the seaming. There is enough of the Mission Falls yarn left for a tam/beret. The pattern is all picked out and waiting for me to cast on. I'm hoping to get it finished to wear to my fiber art group's retreat on Saturday.

Yes, we're having an all day retreat on Saturday. My friend, Chris, organized it. I get to go play with my friends all day to knit and spin. Happy dance! Lunch and a choice of several free classes are included in the admission charge. I'll be teaching a shawl class featuring a shawl design that has yet to be released for sale. This is the first time our group has tried something like this. I have my fingers crossed it will be the first of many to come!


Moonlit Goddess said...

Yeah! Knitting retreat. Can't wait.

Bibliocat said...

Cold here in NE OHIO. It suppose to be -4 degrees. Great knitting weather.

caroljmh said...

The mitten construction looks interesting...I may have to try that one!

Mariella said...

Great looking mittens! Love the fuzziness 'cause it makes them look so cozy and warm.
Were these the original sideways mitten pattern? There's another I posted on June 27, Longways Sideways and another on June 28, 2007.
Lots of different ways to garter stitch a mitten!