Tuesday, March 10

Happy dancing!

After 3 weeks of having the viral crud that's been going around, I'm finally feeling like a human being! Honestly, is it me or do these bugs get worse and hang around longer every year?

Some good news...

The Fire Bird Shawl I donated to the recent Pet Refuge auction (March 7) brought in some major $$$ for the shelter. Today, I heard that it sold for $75.00 in the silent auction! Woo-hoo!

Yesterday, I took a roadtrip to Threadbear in Lansing, Michigan. They now are restocked with Simple Knits patterns. I also left all of the items I've knit from those patterns for display. (Excepting Cascading Leaves which both shawls were given away.) I was unwilling to part with all of my knitting as shop samples. Rob asked me if I would consider loaning them to the shop for a month to display as a trunk show. Of course I said yes! (Picture me grinning madly!) And the yarn goodies that followed me home from the shop were icing on that cake.

I'm taking a break from lace and shawl projects for the moment. My current obsession is baby bibs. I've finished one and have started on another one. I also have a felted bag design on the needles.

I know I haven't posted many pictures of my knitting lately. That's because most of it has been items for my niece Amy. Her baby boy is due in April. I didn't post any pictures and ruin the surprise for her by seeing them on my blog. Now that they've been delivered at the baby shower on Saturday, I can give you a peek at what I made. (Psst, more to come after the second baby shower.)

The yarn I used for all three projects is I Love This Cotton! from Hobby Lobby. The colorway is aqua ombre. Two balls of it made a baby cardi, a hat, and a bib. The bib is from my newest pattern Bib-alicious! The hat is called Presto! Baby Hat! by Katherine Vaughan. It folds down flat and then pops up like a top hat. Very cute! The baby cardi is called Super Natural Stripes by Fawn Pea. The baby cardi especially got lots of ohs and aws at the shower.

BTW, they counted 8 grand- and great-grandmothers at the baby shower. If the huge pile of baby gifts are any indication, this baby will want for nothing. LOL!

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