Monday, February 9

A question about patterns

I've been pondering how to handle my free patterns. I'm in a bit of a quandary of what to do. All of them have pros and cons for both me and you (ease of download and printing foro you and more work for me). Might I ask for some feedback from you?

Here are some things I could do:

1. Continue to post my free patterns only here on my blog. (Fourteen are only available on my blog.)

2. Post my free patterns only as pdf downloads through Ravelry. (Three are available only on Ravelry---Swirl Baby Blanket, SquiddyCat, and A Funky Wave Scarf.)

3. Post my free patterns on my blog and on Ravelry. (Only one--Dishsoap Apron--is available in both places. Though posting these patterns in both places is not something I want to do. It's more work for my already time pressured day. :-)

4a. Gather my 28 free patterns together into a booklet and place it on Ravelry as a downloadable pdf. (There would be a small fee charged as it would require some work for me to do this or 4b.)

4b. Format two booklets for sale---one with 18 knitting patterns and a second with 10 crochet patterns.

If I chose option 4a or 4b, how much do you think I should charge for a pdf compilation of my these patterns?

Give me your thoughts by posting a comment(s) on this post.


Anita O said...

My suggestion is to post your patterns on Ravelry only.

Ruth said...

The beauty of Ravelry is that the downloads are all done through Rav, you don't have to do a thing.

I have a few freebies on Ravelry, and they are constantly downloaded with no work on my part at all.

And the paid patterns also are done and the money appears in your PayPal account like magic.

MUDNYC said...

I think you should post just on Ravelry, but you could mention them on your blog so anyone who wants to could hop on Ravelry to download with less work for you.

Quasipsyco said...

I say Ravelry.

Ravelry will let peeps store the pattern in their "libary" so they can download at their leisure and I do that a lot, versus if it is on a blog and will go look at it several times before I even bookmark it.
Free blog pattern are more effort for me than Raverly.

Just make sure you keep your backups, in case the unthinkable ever happens.

Walden said...

I suggest that you choose either Ravelry or your blog to post them all, Ravelry will get you the most exposure (if that's what you want). The thought of a package could work, but then that won't solve your problem if you continue to offer any new patterns for free.

Purls Before Swine said...

Please! NO Ravelry!

Dez Crawford said...

Vicki, I just love your website.

I suggest that you do Paypal downloads online at retail prices, and that you sell wholesale to LYSes, with a suggested retail price being the same as what you charge online.

P.S. -- did you get my letter? I am still overwhelmed by the shopwarming gift and I am very interested in ordering your designs -- including your new Wings to Heaven.

Please email me back with your phone numbe. ;-)